The retro-future sartorial era of BOSS

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BOSS’s Fall/Winter 2023 fashion show, held at Milan’s Allianz MiCo conference center on September 22, was a remarkable fusion of classic tailoring and futuristic vision, all encapsulated within the “CorpCore” theme. The runway itself transformed into a futuristic oasis where Sophia, an extraordinary creation by Hanson Robotics, took center stage with her emotion-recognition abilities.

By Sama Najjar

The event welcomed guests through tunnels adorned with multilingual holograms, leading to a visually captivating, tech-infused runway space that seamlessly blended classic office aesthetics with futuristic design. Inside, six themed rooms, under the BOSS Techtopia Control Room’s watchful eye, provided unique experiences, from serene yoga spaces to creative brainstorming hubs.
The AromaSynth Lab celebrated BOSS’s signature scents and introduced the latest fragrance, BOSS Bottled Elixir. This show redefined fashion as a sensory journey.

Lee Minho the brand ambassador made a surprise entrance to celebrate the much-awaited launch of BOSS Techtopia, setting the tone for an impressive runway lineup that featured Gigi Hadid, Ashley Graham, and an array of influential figures from various fields.
The guest list featured notable personalities like Naomi Campbell, Burna Boy, and others, while social media sensations such as Dixie D’Amelio and Lele Pons boosted the event’s online appeal. Following the remarkable show, attendees were treated to an unforgettable after-party, featuring live DJ sets by Nicola Mazzetti, The Martinez Brothers, and Ricardo Villalobos.

BOSS’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection was described by Marco Falcioni the creative director at HUGO BOSS, as an evolution of the brand’s tailoring heritage, reimagines classic office wear with a modern twist under the theme “CorpCore.” The collection showcases super-stretch suiting and deconstructed designs while emphasizing clean lines by removing traditional buttons and zippers. Its color palette draws from corporate neutrals, accented by bold black elements, including the iconic B-monogram pattern.
The accessories incorporate playful office-inspired motifs, like paper clips and numerical locks on briefcases. BOSS continues its “see now, buy now” approach, enabling immediate online purchases after the show, offering a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation in fashion.

As part of BOSS’s commitment to sustainability and its partnership with HeiQ AeoniQ, the “see now, buy now” collection includes three eco-friendly outerwear pieces made from HeiQ AeoniQ™ fabric, reducing environmental impact. Customers can explore these styles and BOSS’s sustainability initiative at The fashion show was live-streamed in BOSS stores worldwide, and special screening events in London, Liverpool, Gibraltar, New York, Chengdu, and Beijing allowed fans to shop for runway-inspired looks and “see now, buy now” pieces, offering early access to the latest styles.

BOSS became the first fashion company to collaborate with the TikTok rewards program through their partnership with the platform. By performing tasks, TikTok users may earn points on a special BOSS page, and these points could subsequently be redeemed for exclusive BOSS rewards. During the global fashion weeks, this strategy enhanced BOSS’s digital leadership and omnichannel efficiency.

The BOSS Fall/Winter 2023 collection masterfully bridged the gap between tradition and innovation. It empowered individuals to “Be Your Own BOSS” while embracing the future of style. Available online and in BOSS stores globally, this collection invites fashion-forward individuals to experience a world where heritage meets the cutting edge. BOSS continues to redefine modern elegance in the most compelling way possible.

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