Diesel offered a 72-hour behind the scenes live stream for its FW 24 show

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That was a first on Planet Fashion. For its fall-winter 24 show, Diesel opened its backstage to their regulars from all over the globe. “This season we have opened Diesel up to the world, giving uncensored access to behind-the-scenes in the days before the show. The set for our show is a live video call with Diesel fans from around the world. Diesel is a fashion democracy, so it is natural for us to reveal what is usually kept hidden,” says Glenn Martens, creative director of the brand.

Five different fixed cameras have been sharing all-access footage starting 72 hours before the show, offering footage of Glenn Martens and his team preparing for the show if not in the atelier finalizing the collection, then with the models, in the show space… while the show itself presented a set where a live video call with 1000 members of the public around the world was taking place.

“Diesel is a fashion democracy, so it is natural for us to reveal what is usually kept hidden

On top of this digital prowess, it’s the fashion that marked a real evolution in Martens’ journey at Diesel with a collection that offered a play on layering, transparencies, puffers and of course, denim in coated, devoré or jacquard. “I like it when you don’t get things at first, that make you look again,” says Martens, sending knit wrap leopard print dresses, trompe l’oeil of denim, leather and other print mixes down the runway.
Skirts are short, coats’ volumes are exaggerated, faux-fur is everywhere, partially or in a total-look, and the new soft-structured Trash D bag proposes handles held with a claw metal hair clip.

In the footwear department, we’re also weirdly into the heel clogs in faux shearling but most importantly into the clog boots. Genius.

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