The Prada woman proposes a glimpse into a romantic past for FW24

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The Fall/Winter 2024 Prada collection by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons explored the notions of beauty in our contemporary world that is formed by our memories, with an emphasis of the the past as an instrument.

The codes of the Italian Maison are definitely present, with feminine tailoring, a play on fabrics and an ever-evolving presence of floral elements. The silhouettes are straight and narrow but see their structure balanced by elements borrowed from certain uniforms, as to know kepis and other exaggerated hats. 

It’s a modern dame that takes the runway, one that flirts with both hems under-the-knee and oversized leather jackets, a high-school bomber or a delicate satin. Bows are declined in several variations, sometimes multiple sometimes in rhinestones, adding a candid flair to seemingly serious silhouettes.

The colors include a very 0-100 CMYK palette that comes clashing the greys and blacks. As per the accessories, we can already see all the fashion sphere wearing their handbags buckled around their wrists in the near future.
Prada never misses to deliver highly desirable accessories that not just complete the look but are an essential part of it.

We absolutely love this very quintessential Prada collection that echoed some of our favourite elements from past seasons. Miuccia and Raf prove once again that their creative tandem is what keeps Prada on top of all the “hottest brand of the year” lists. As per our region, their selection for Ramadan 2024 is also one to add to the wishlist.

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