Colour, Print and Everything Nice: ACE NAYMAN is Here To Stay

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Recently entering the Dubai fashion scene, ACE NAYMAN brings a zingy femininity to the block. With neon colours and cyber prints, founder Ece Nayman tells us how her brand is cutting through the noise by becoming the noise.

By Désirée Barreto

Introductions first: Tell us a little bit about you and the inception of your brand.

I’m from Istanbul, was raised in Russia, and I lived in London for about 8 years where I studied Womenswear Design at the London College of Fashion. I had a pretty joyous and colourful upbringing where I always dreamt of being a fashion designer and having my own brand. Mixing different cultures and seeing their fashion styles fed me a lot over the years. I find youth and street culture very inspiring. Comfort is the theme I work hard on because I want people to feel both stylish and cozy in the clothes I make; I want our pieces to be their favourite pieces in their closets.

What is the Turkish fashion scene like, and where does ACE NAYMAN fit within it?

The scene in Turkey right now is really fun! There are so many emerging designers and customers who are really into discovering new brands. I have had my brand for almost five years now, and our presence in the industry is significant, especially with the events I organize.

Who would you describe as the poster “ACE NAYMAN” person?

Like the brand’s DNA, colour and pattern play a big part in my designs. So, I dedicate ACE NAYMAN to people who aren’t afraid to stand out and make a statement, people who are the life of the party, always on the go and living life to the fullest.

What is your typical mood/ what gets you inspired when designing your pieces?

I generally draw inspiration from my travels around the world. I’m a very lively and upbeat person, which I think comes through in my designs. Music, people, and architecture inspire me. I like to collect contemporary art, which is my biggest source of inspiration. When you’re a designer, your brain is working 24/7 with ideas. I’m a good observer and researcher, which helps me create a collection more than anything else.

You’ve got a lot of great prints, shapes and colours in your brand. If you could only design with a single colour and print, what would it be? Elaborate.

I’d definitely use the blue colour with abstract, curvy shapes. It’s my favourite colour, and I find it very refreshing and serene. It’s also the corporate colour of ACE NAYMAN. In all the chaos of life, when I wear blue, it calms me down and makes me feel happy. As for the patterns, I like to draw abstract and unique designs. They reflect my mood.

Give me 3 events or occasions that wearing ACE NAYMAN is perfect for.

Rave parties or festivals, on the beach and places where you have to behave(!). I always like to make a scene and surprise people with ACE looks.

Discover more about the brand on their Instagram, here