Let It Dazzle | An editorial by JDEED

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In this editorial, JDEED picks some of its favourite accessories designers from High Jewelry to bags and more and infuses a bit of a 70s flair to a very contemporary set . Shot in Dubai at SO/Uptown hotel, Dawid Rus captures our talent Céline Lilas Safadi as she makes her way through the hotel’s alleys and hallways.Let it dazzle.

Céline wears a coat and dress by ETRO, Jewelry by AMWAJ


Designer Focus


Amwaj’s is a brand whose journey is one of history and legacy, making their debut an impressive 24 years ago.
Unmatched attention to detail, technical expertise, and a true emphasis on immaculate craftsmanship, the Abu Dhabi born-and-based- brand is a synonymous of excellence in the world of High Jewelry.
Only employing the highest quality gemstones and diamonds, that are a token of top-tier quality and consistency, Amwaj is also about storytelling, which can be observed through their sublime creations.

The brand’s meticulously crafted jewels encompass beautiful stories and experiences while embodying the essence of luxury and femininity. A real powerhouse on the scene, we chose Amwaj for this editorial as it represents strength, legacy and excellence.

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IRIS NOBLE is a French Haute Maroquinerie luxury maison merging art, elegance and individuality. The brand was founded in 2016 by Jennifer Noble and is based on three founding principles: quality, discretion and timelessness.

Working in a very unique way, IRIS NOBLE is all about the know-how and traditional artisanal techniques, shining a light of exceptional materials that are hand-picked for their durability and top-notch quality: “ I like to mix fabric, together they are even more sensual. I’ve conceived 9 bag versions using different associations – python and suede, calf and crocodile, ostrich or shagreen and even satin and crystals. I manage to compose perfectly unique pieces that boast an inside that is as pretty as the shell.” says Noble.

Each bag sold is completely unique, numbered individually and created as a limited edition by a unique artisan in the brand’s ateliers in the Paris area. Iris Noble also prides itself in sourcing its materials locally from family-owned French companies.

As an art lover, Jennifer Iris Noble, founder but also artistic director, always makes sure to infuse her creations with her passion and her ever-expanding research for originality and uniqueness. You understood, owning an IRIS NOBLE bag is owning a piece of history, top-tier craftsmanship and essentially, a work of art- JDEED insisted to having the brand on board for this editorial, highlighting only the finest accessory brands.

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Left: Céline wears a coat and dress by ETRO, Jewelr by AMWAJ and purse by IRIS NOBLE
Right: Purse by IRIS NOBLE

Left: Céline wears a dress by AUTONOMIE, Jewelry by BEENISH MAHMOOD
Right: Rings by


One of the UAE’s most renown fine jewelry label La Marquise has a story dating back to 1986 when they started turning precious stones into incredible pieces.

Not focused on a single aesthetic, La Marquise appeals to a wide portfolio of customers who belong to every age group, have different styles and have a different approach to jewels. Today, La Marquise is a brand that has grown into an international success, having retailers across the UAE, Russia, UK, Turkey, Brazil, Qatar, Hong Kong and India. JDEED wanted to work with La Marquise for their unmatched capacity to mix modernity and state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

Another reason to pick La Marquise was their promotion of inclusiveness within its team, a team where, from artisans to sales associates, everyone can share their ideas and open a discussion, enabling an overall better experience for their customers.
Over 40 years, the brand has won multiple awards, thanks to their unmatched manufacturing that comprises the work of more than 150 craftsmen, working on delivering the highest quality of fine jewelry.

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Nijma M epitomises the fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary flair in every meticulously crafted piece of fine jewelry, a harmony they refer to as ‘modern opulence’. Handmade with precision and dedication to detail, each creation utilises 14k recycled gold and responsibly sourced diamonds that come from small multi-generational diamond suppliers.

From the design studios of Toronto to the artisanal hubs of New York City and Montreal, every piece reflects a synthesis of luxury and consciousness, inviting wearers to embrace the essence of sophistication with a conscious touch of coolness.

We were particularly drawn to Nijma M ddor their creations that are both fun and made of exceptional materials, a combination of pop, edgy, sustainable and incredible quality.

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Left: Céline wears a top by AUTONOMIE, Jewelry by BEENISH MAHMOOD

Left: Céline wears a silk shirt by ASCENO via FABRIC OF SOCIETY, Jewelry by LA MARQUISE
Right: Ring and bracelet by LA MARQUISE


Beenish Mahmood encapsulates a journey of enchantment and discovery inspired by the magical allure of jewels from Shehrezad’s adventures in One Thousand and One Nights. Each piece tells a tale of exploration and wonder. With a commitment to ethical sourcing and skilled craftsmanship, their designs testify to the enduring love and dreams that sparked its inception.

Having them in our editorial was a natural choice, their pieces being such a happy representation of life and nature. We obviously adore their watermelon necklace, that we picked as an homage to our ongoing support to the Palestinian cause.

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One of our favourite jewelry designers from Lebanon, J BY BOGHOSSIAN represents everything we love in accessory: quality pieces, fun and colorful designs and some cultural references to our beloved country.

Originally founded by Jossy Boghossian, J by Boghossian represents the flair and love for jewlery of the founder, who expertly mixes traditional and contemporary trends, creating super desirable pieces that elevate any look.
In recent year, Jossy’s daughter Jennifer, who has learned so much about the universe and beauty of jewlery being surrounded by it her whole life, has joined the business, infusing it with her own creative perspective.

She’s a third-generation jeweller, who’s been learning to master the craft from her earlier years and she now brings her fresh eye to her mother’s design process, taking the brand to new heights, hand in hand.
The mother-daughter duo never ceases to come up with super innovative pieces which is something that attracted us here at JDEED.
We loved stacking the necklaces for an extra layer of fun and particularly fell in love with the rings.

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The first sustainable and ethical abaya brand in the Middle East has now launched. The story of Yello started back in February 2023 when Palestinian entrepreneur Zein Altawil, saw a gap in the market for sustainable abayas. Born from the realization that modest fashion was lacking eco-conscious options to pick from, Zein decided to come up with stylish pieces that are created from the most sustainable fabrics available.
Biodegradable, hypoallergenic, heat-resistant and in durable fabrics, the Yello abayas are crafted in materials derived from fruits and vegetables, including sugarcane, oranges, banana fibres and pineapple shell waste, which is completely unheard of in the world of abayas.
At Yello, every step of the creation is meticulously taken care of. The brand is committed to its ethical sourcing and safety standards which is backed by their certifications, making sure every piece meets the highest sustainability benchmarks.
Yello has proudly achieved to significantly reduced carbon emissions and water usage, with each of their abaya saving approximately 12kg of CO2 and around 6796 litres of water.
Looking at it from another perspective, every piece saves the amount of water it needs to fill 27,000 standard cups, and enough carbon emissions to plant approximately 200 tree seedlings for a year. That’s the type of numbers we’re happy to read about, in a world where the fashion industry just keeps creating more and more waste.

Since launching last year, Yello has saved an impressive 1.5 million lites of water and 10,000kg of CO2 emissions, a true reflection of the brand’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Discover more about YELLO, here

Left: Céline wears a vest by YELLO , Jewelry by J BY BOGHOSSIAN, Evil Eye Necklace by NIJMA M
Right: Cape, Vest and Pants by YELLO, purse by IRIS NOBLE

Left: Céline wears a top by AUTONOMIE, earrings by J BY BOGHOSSIAN, necklace and ring by BEENISH MAHMOOD
Right: Jewelry by AMWAJ, Sunglasses by Magda Butrym x Linda Farrow, Top and Skirt by HERVÉ LEGER


Photography / DAWID RUS
Creative direction and styling/ CYNTHIA JREIGE

COVER/ Shirt by H&M Studio, Gold Cargo by Rozie Corsets, Jewerly by Amwaj