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The Fashion releases currently on our radar

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Fashion doesn’t take a summer break

– even if we’d recommend it to slow down before the September Fashion Weeks, which is, basically around the corner.
Not ones to complain, all these new exciting releases are getting us inspired for the months to come. Between Delvaux and Odeem coming out with our next favourite bags, Jimmy Choo going all Cowboy Core or Celine pushing us towards the direction of the gym in the coolest way possible, we’re only a few dips in the sea away from a super fashionable second semester.

Jimmy Choo SS24 featuring Sydney Sweeny

Delvaux releases first ever tote, L’Airess

Delvaux, founded in Brussels in 1829 and known as the world’s oldest fine leather goods house, continues its tradition of innovation with L’Airess. The brand is recognized for its significant contributions to the luxury handbag market, including filing the first-ever leather handbag patent in 1908. Delvaux’s rich history includes creating iconic bags like The Brillant, The Tempête, and The Cool Box, reflecting its longstanding heritage and commitment to quality and design.

Delvaux’s first tote, L’Airess, stands out with its bold design and architectural elements, showcasing the brand’s adventurous spirit. The tote redefines the concept of a practical bag with its assertive lines, generous proportions, and a unique use of perforations that create a playful, semi-transparent effect. These perforations not only add a modernist aesthetic but also allow a glimpse into the bag’s interior, playing on the theme of visibility and concealment.

L’Airess draws inspiration from the revolutionary 1946 Avia Airess line of suitcases, which featured a lightweight yet durable construction ideal for air travel. This lineage is evident in L’Airess’s design, which mimics the form of aircraft wings and is crafted in luxurious taurillon leather, available in two large sizes. Its design cleverly blends brutalist and delicate elements, appealing to both masculine and feminine aesthetics, achieving a harmonious and balanced look.

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Delvaux “L’Airess” campaign

Celine launches pilates, rushing us to the studio from October

The Celine Paris Pilates collection, launching this October 2024, is a luxurious foray into the athleisure and fitness market under the creative direction of Hedi Slimane. This collection goes beyond typical workout attire by offering a comprehensive range of high-end Pilates equipment and accessories.

The collection includes leggings, shorts, sports bras, and various gym accessories such as leather caps, hair bands, gym bags, and water bottles. It also features a luxurious Reformer Pilates machine with leather paneling adorned with Celine’s Triomphe monogram, creating a standout piece for any high-end home gym. Additional equipment includes logo-covered cork yoga mats and blocks, steel and calfskin kettlebells and dumbbells, all designed to merge functionality with high fashion​.

The campaign for this collection, shot by Slimane, stars model Kaia Gerber and features a sleek, black-and-white aesthetic set against a scenic Malibu backdrop​​. This line is exclusively available at select Celine flagship stores, reflecting its premium positioning within the fitness market​.

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Celine Pilates featuring Kaia Gerber shot by Heidi Slimane

Jimmy Choo Spring-Summer 2024 collection is all about that cowgirl aesthetic

Jimmy Choo’s Summer 2024 collection, featuring Sydney Sweeney, embodies the carefree spirit of California. The collection introduces a blend of fresh silhouettes alongside Jimmy Choo’s classic design elements. Inspired by diverse California landscapes—from LA’s red-carpet glamour to relaxed coastal vibes—the collection captures a sense of playful confidence and versatile style, suitable for both dressed-up and casual settings​​.

Key pieces from the collection include the Cinch handbag with a drawstring closure, along with the Diamond Shoulder East-West and the Diamond Crossbody, each available in new finishes. The collection mixes elements of western style and laid-back elegance, reflecting the state’s unique blend of culture and fashion​.

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Sydney Sweeney for Jimmy Choo

Odeem takes over the Eternal City for new campaign

Odeem is a Dubai-based luxury accessory label specializing in modern, handcrafted leather goods. Their focus is on creating timeless pieces that combine various responsibly sourced leather skins and textures, offering unique styles for discerning women. Odeem handbags are designed to be an integral part of a woman’s lifestyle, reflecting their distinct sense of style and confidence.

The brand, founded by Emirati designer Fatma AlOtaiba, has just launched a new handbag collection with a campaign shot in Rome, showcasing timeless sophistication and exceptional craftsmanship.
The handbags are crafted from premium leather and feature detailed work that highlights luxury and elegance. Each design element, from the stitching to the folding, demonstrates artisanal skill and a commitment to perfection. The collection includes various styles, such as classic totes and sleek crossbodies, designed to add a touch of grace and style to any outfit.

Odeem’s collection epitomizes the enduring beauty of expert craftsmanship, offering pieces that are not only fashionable but also timeless treasures meant to be cherished across generations.

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Odeem Spring-Summer 24 campaign

&Other Stories collaborates with artist Brianna Lance

Brianna Lance, who transitioned from a career in fashion to painting, says she was drawn to the project of working with Swedish brand &Other Stories, particularly for its innovative use of zero-waste patterns. The collaboration came about through mutual connections and shared artistic values with Frida Billegren, the Atelier Designer at & Other Stories. Lance’s transition to art was spurred by the lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, a period that led her to rediscover her passion for painting and happiness in creating art.

This special colleciton for Summer 2024 collection includes two kaftans, a dress, and a jumpsuit, featuring zero-waste patterns and is adorned with Lance’s watercolor artworks depicting mystical and symbolic imagery. Lance’s artwork integrates elements like pomegranates and eyes, each bearing deep symbolic meanings. The garments are produced with a focus on sustainability, using a zero-waste pattern-making method that ensures no fabric is wasted and employs digital printing for high-quality artwork application.

The collection aims to make art accessible, allowing people to «live with the artwork» through fashion rather than investing in expensive paintings. This approach not only makes the art accessible but also promotes sustainable fashion practices.

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&Other Stories x Brianna Lance campaign

Birkenstock celebrates summer with «Eternal Sunshine»

Birkenstock 1774 has launched «Eternal Sunshine,» a two-part collection inspired by Los Angeles and its dynamic, timeless energy. The collection features new shapes and fabrics in colors that evoke nostalgic California summers, such as citrus hues mixed with shades of blue, olive, and burgundy. It utilizes materials and techniques that blend rustic with pop and modern with retro elements, reflecting the Southern California vibe of the late 20th century.

The collection also revisits Birkenstock’s archive, showcasing iconic designs with new fabrications like leather piping and monochromatic buckles. The June release highlights the Arizona and Milano models in spray-painted raffia, paying homage to the 1960’s surf culture, and versions in milky PVC that reflect 1970’s plexiglass design trends. «Eternal Sunshine» will be available starting June 20th, with a subsequent release in August 2024, through Bikenstock’s website and selected global retailers.

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Birkenstock “Eternal Summer”