Sabato De Sarno’s second proposal for Gucci was about adding extra to the ordinary

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“My dreams, as with my fashion, always converse with reality. Because I am not searching for another world to live in, but rather of ways to live in this world” says Sabato De Sarno on his second proposal for Gucci, one that combined all the elements that keep making us fall in love with the Italian house season after season.

There was something very quintessential Gucci about this collection, from the materials to the footwear, a very Italian Donna goes to the big city, adding the extra in the ordinary.

Coats take a front stage at Gucci this season and are declined in various gorgeous ways; while some feature dazzling embroideries some other come in leather, with embossed multi logos, short, long, with patterns and lurex; singing the least monotonous outerwear of the season.

Some of the Ancora codes persist this next Fall-Winter, think the delicate lace, the play on transparencies or the iconic bordeaux “rosso ancora” ; the Gucci woman is desirable -dresses like lingerie, high-thigh horse-rider boots evoking the connection between Gucci and the world of equestrianism, plunging décolletés, bare legs under a coat.

De Sarno describes fashion as a marathon, not a sprint and we can see that he’s been setting solid foundations for his re-birthed Gucci donna; his show note expresses: “This is my way of dreaming, without hurry, visualizing and stratifying aspirations as if they were the bricks of a house

While we’re fond of almost the totality of the silhouettes that came down walking this runway on some tunes remixed by maestro Mark Ronson, we applaud the use of difficult shades of green or yellow that are here given a place under the spotlight and turning into hues we never knew we needed: “The colors – the ugly ones, the ones of the heart, and the wrong ones, together” read the press notes.

This is my way of dreaming, without hurry (…)”

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