Prada just revealed its 2024 Ramadan & Eid capsule collection

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It’s that time of the year again – and we couldn’t be more excited. International luxury fashion brands have the Holy Month written down in their creative calendars, making it one of their most significant releases every year. Italian powerhouse Prada just launched their exclusive selection of curated ready-to-wear and accessories for Ramadan 2024, ensuring us to spend in style.

The beautiful campaign was shot in the infinity of the desert where sky meets sand, complimenting the collection’s color palette with similar natural tones.

We love the mono-pattern look brought together by a silk scarf – silk shirt – silk pant trio, as well as the efficient camel-colored shirt, perfectly paired with white trousers and sandals that recall those cherished by the GCC’s locals.

Prada paints here a perfect interpretation of quiet luxury, aligning with the codes of modest fashion. Regularly at the top of rankings for “hottest brand” of the year, Prada’s launches remain some of the most exciting fashion moments of the year, seasons after seasons.

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