Diesel’s SS24 show was a celebration of life & individuality

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Diesel’s latest fashion showcase, curated by Creative Director Glenn Martens, is nothing short of a spectacular celebration of life, art, and individuality. The event seamlessly merged fashion, music, and cinema, offering an unforgettable experience. At the heart of this show was a massive eight-hour rave, attended by over 7,000 eager guests, with a generous 6,000 tickets reserved for the public, prioritizing 1,500 for students. This wide-ranging approach mirrors Diesel’s democratic and experimental spirit, which was evident in their fashion collection—a perfect fit for those who embrace life as a never-ending party.

By Sama Najjar

Diesel’s electrifying runway showcased their unique take on fashion, where expertly applied distressing techniques added a rebellious edge to each piece, from sheer tank dresses to men’s tanks. The collection also redefined utility with versatile zip-up denim items and creatively transformed cargo pockets and belt bags, highlighting Diesel’s innovative spirit. Jeans bonded with muslin and inside-out jacquard knits added an extra layer of intrigue and avant-garde flair.

The collection incorporated a cinematic theme by featuring Hollywood-style movie poster prints on clothing, infusing the fashion lineup with a cinematic flair. Accessories, including strappy heels and thigh-high boots, also captivated with their innovative designs. In this collection, undergarments took the spotlight, decorating sheer tops and dresses in a transition from contrasting to uniform tones.

Diesel’s dedication to style extended to eyewear, watches, and jewelry, representing their meticulous attention to detail. The collaboration with Essilor Luxottica produced film-star-worthy sunglasses with metal frames and acetate goggles. Additionally, the collection showcased Streamline watches with a distinctive vertebrae case, along with sparkling sterling silver bracelets and necklaces, completing the ensemble.

This remarkable show, held under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, reinforced Diesel’s position as a fashion trailblazer. Glenn Martens’ vision, rooted in inclusivity and experimentation, embodied Diesel’s belief that life should be celebrated as an ongoing party.

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