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C(OC)CELLATO: Childhood Dreams Meet Contemporary Elegance

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In the exciting world of fashion, C(OC)CELLATO seeks to embrace the beauty of womanhood while bringing back the wonders of childhood. The brand creates distinctive designs that are both beautiful and feminine by merging playfulness and elegance, inviting us on a nostalgic journey through time.

C(OC)CELLATO is primarily a brand that tells a story, one that develops through the eyes of two people, Iman Coccellato and Osama Chabbi. Their mission is to encourage women to build connections between the past, present, and future by empowering them to be confident within their inner strength and emotions.

By Sama Najjar

The brand is a collaborative effort of Iman and Osama, two individuals whose diverse life experiences surprisingly converge. Iman, a graduate of the French Fashion Institute (IFM), practiced his skills in some of the most prestigious design houses in the business, including Chloé, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Lanvin.

Osama, on the other hand, is a self-taught stylist and fashion critic who has years of experience working with influential people in the fashion industry and has been named one of Vogue Business’ 100 Innovators.

Together, they fuse their individualistic crafts and expertise to form C(OC)CELLATO. Iman and Osama draw inspiration from their diverse cultural backgrounds.
Tunisia, their shared homeland, has shaped their vision for the brand, and France, their creative upbringing, continuously influences their unique perspectives on fashion and design.

C(OC)CELLATO is more than just a fashion label; it’s a nostalgic journey that resonates deeply with their audience. With their bold designs and unique perspectives, Iman and Osama have created a brand that encourages women to reconnect with their past while embracing the power and elegance of the present. Their aspiration is to serve as a channel connecting women with their inner selves.

The pair continuously engages in conversations, brainstorming sessions, and sketching to craft silhouettes that women of now and tomorrow will be proud to wear. They draw inspiration from iconic female figures who’ve left their mark on Arab pop culture and the timeless grace of their own mothers.
The duo’s mission is to blend their creative talents and shape the fashion of the future, for women.

In a world dominated by trends and fleeting moments, C(OC)CELLATO stands as a timeless testament to enduring creativity and imagination within the fashion industry.

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Photography/ Otman Qrita @otmanqrita
Muse/ Emna Sellimi @emnitta
Make-Up/ Yasuko Sudo @ysk_jp