Meet the unstoppable Osama Chabbi, Stylist & Fashion Commentator

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Known for his witty reviews and tongue-in-cheek Instagram stories, Osama Chabbi has taken the fashion world by storm. Breathing a new light into the world of fashion criticism, Osama blends humor with insightful and pressing commentary on everything, from his love for Prada to the latest luxury collabs to how fashion and the metaverse are intersecting.
You’d be mistaken to think Osama only did reviews. His portfolio of editorial projects and savvy interviews is ever-expanding, and we can’t wait to laugh along as he makes his mark on the fashion world, one project at a time.
We caught up with Osama and talked about his inspirations, fashion predictions, and everything in between.

By Ethan Dincer

Osama Chabbi by Aqib Anwar from Osama’s Instagram

Hi Osama! Can you tell us how you got your start in styling and doing reviews?

My interest in fashion started during childhood. It’s always been a deeply rooted passion of mine, and I started professionally styling in 2018 when I moved to the region. At the time, my main focus was mostly editorial work which enabled me to explore my creative side in a physical way as I got to feel the clothing and play around with how I styled it. Back then, I used to mostly review red carpets and talk about my favourite shows on Instagram from time to time.
As my portfolio expanded, and my experience as well, I feel like I gained more legitimacy in expressing my views and opinions as a professional rather than an aspiring stylist. During the lockdown period, all eyes were on the digital world and fashion weeks were exclusively happening virtually. This was when I invested more time in my show reviews which, to my surprise, started gaining a solid following.

What inspires you and your work?

Inspiration can strike from so many different places, through people or in products. For example, the Sims video game and its whole aesthetic inspired me. The Parisian concept-store Colette is also somewhere I loved because I remember being so into its effortless coolness and product curation. I think that’s what I aspire to reach when I go through my review process – something fun, unexpected and always a little bit quirky.
I really enjoy internet pop-culture and love fun emoji’s, quirky digital creations, and memes which I probably overuse daily on Instagram. I’m quite interested in that grey area where fashion and the digital world merge in a humorous way.
I do have to add that, amongst the things that inspire me most, what stands out is the Marc Jacob’s era at Louis Vuitton. This was probably the most influential fashion era I can think of and one that had a significant impact on my perception of trends.

Osama is known for his fashion reviews and quirky posts / From Osama’s Instagram

What goes into your reviews? What’s your thought process like?

The most important thing for me when doing show reviews is to ensure I have a clear visual identity that truly reflects the things I find fun and inspiring. I always try to work on visuals that are cool enough to eventually have on a bunch of t-shirts someday. If you read through them, learn something, have a laugh and feel like you’re a guest visitor in my hectic brain then I’m happy.
It’s important for me to start new conversations, whether it’s you discussing trends with your friends, fashion inclusivity or simply your favourite pieces after reading my reviews. It’s essential for me to spark new discussions, explore new perspectives and make you unlock new thoughts. At the end of the day, it’s very subjective as I express my personal opinions and convictions. You don’t need to agree with my statements and that’s the beauty of the process.

Describe your most exciting project to date.

I’ve barely scratched the surface in the fashion commentary world but I think there’s so much more untapped potential within that space. I’m excited to see that some of the biggest names in design and key-players in the industry are positively engaging with the content I’m producing.

“Marc Jacobs once said that having a ‘fashion-no-go’ is a no-go itself and that is definitely the vibe I am feeling these days.”

Favourite pieces in your closet?

I have a soft spot for the Loewe puzzle bag which has literally been my wardrobe staple for years. It’s such a practical handbag and I like how easy it is to integrate it into menswear.
I’m into anything that merges art and fashion together. I have a very fun shirt from Études’ Spring 2020 collection which was created in collaboration with Chloe Wise that I cherish. The latest Pol Anglada collaboration with JW Anderson also makes my heart skip a beat.

Osama is known for his fashion reviews and quirky posts / From Osama’s Instagram

What is your dream collab?

I don’t think I’ll disclose it just yet, some things are better left unsaid.

Predictions for 2022? Can be anything…

I can foresee houses introducing Digital Creative Directors this year. Fashion creative directors won’t be able to keep up with technology. As the metaverse, NFTs and the digital world expands, it is going to be necessary for houses to make sure fashion and technology are synchronised. I also think Balenciaga will be the pioneer in this.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what is the one brand you would choose to wear?

My mature alter-ego, Andy, would have most likely said Loewe. It is warm, it’s mediterranean and sophisticated. However, Osa, the pragmatic critic, would prefer to climb trees in Prada nylon. It’s definitely more practical.

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