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We first heard about Milk through Mira Hayek, back in her Beirut Atelier. Taking a closer look at it, we realized that this Bahrain based concept-store shared the same vision as JDEED concerning Middle-Eastern emerging talents : “At MILK Concept Store, we believe in the untapped talent of the regional designers and want to provide them with a platform to showcase their work in GCC and worldwide” .milk-2

Mira Hayek, Second St, Rasha Odeh, Bint Thani, Hazar, La Terre est Folle… Are only a few of the 44 amazing designers of 9 different Arab countries you’ll be able to shop at MILK. Just like JDEED, MILK wished to give the young talents of tomorrow a platform to showcase and sell their fashion-forward designs.

Bahrain is now assured to keep up with the best emerging designers.




This picture was taken from Habibti Magazine

To view the exhaustive list of designers and know more about MILK, click right here

ADDRESS / Riyadat Mall, ground floor , Rd No 3206, A’ali, Bahrain

Tel  / +973 (17536092)


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