Hâshé by Ava Hashemi

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“Elegance is the single most stylish and affordable item found in a woman’s closet; it fits all shapes and never gets outdated.”

How correct is Ava Hashemi?

Hashemi is the U.A.E-raised-Persian designer behind the label Hâshé.



Constantly exposed to Middle-Eastern culture, architecture and art, it was an evidence that her designs were always created with that environment in mind, environment that undoubtedly influences her and her aesthetic.

Ava was only 19 when she started Hâshé in June 2010, starting at the beginning with custom-made clutches and slowly spreading to womenswear and more recently hats.



Hâshé’s high-end Ready-to-Wear apparel line is a synonym of elegance with a modern twist. As per Hâshé’s hand-made clutches, each possesses its own unique geometric shape and design with stones, studs, and vintage brooches. Ava’s iconic “Envelope clutches” became a signature piece of her clutch collections over the years.



Her first collection was showcased in 2012 at Boston’s Cure Lounge with the sponsorship of Moët & Chandon. 2012 was Ava’s lucky year as she was also awarded “The Best Upcoming Fashion Designer in New England”.

A year later, in 2013, Ava made her way back to Dubai, as a way to give back to the community she draws her inspirations from. She is currently still based in the Emirati city and has plans to expand worldwide.






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