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As she opens the door of her studio, we can’t help but put a huge smile on our face, hers being so charming and communicative.

Mira is the definition of cool. When we met, she was wearing one of the jumper from her next collection (spoiler alert : it is gorgeous¬†), a legging and a pair of sneakers. That relaxed vibe is detectable in her designs: very wide-legs pants, large-cut dresses, thick mesh, loose abayas… Everything about Mira’s collections is an ode to comfort with this particular edge that results in a contemporary and highly desirable mix.4

Formerly an illustrator and graphic designer, Mira presented her first collection in 2011 with the support of the STARCH Foundation. Since then, Hayek has been nominated for several awards and is now looking at the future with the potential launch of a menswear label in mind. “Many people are asking me when this will happen. There is an obvious masculine take on my designs anyway.” We shall expect something soon.

Her smiling eyes and energetic personality is a perfect reflection of Mira Hayek’s eponymous label. From trainers to heels, it’s just a matter of an accessory to transform a Mira Hayek’s outfit from daywear to evening-wear, which adds a priceless value to the brand.







To discover more about Mira, it’s over here

To buy Mira Hayek, head to :

LEBANON // ATELIER MIRAHAYEK: Nassar building, 1rst floor, Al Arz street, Saifi 443, Beirut
LARISHKA BOUTIQUE: Mehio building, Marfaa street, Solidere, Beirut
LOFT BY ASPUCES: ABC Mall, L0, Alfred Naccache street, Mar Mitr 2065, Beirut 4201

Online :

Lebelik | Rush & Co.



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