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Arrows and Sparrows,created in Dubai in 2015, isn’t only one of the best coffee shop in Dubai. The food that is served there is also as tasteful as it is healthy and will balance out your daily sustainability.





A very laid-back, atmosphere and the finest ingredients is a good overview of what awaits at Arrows and Sparrows. The friendly staff and best baristas in town will assure you a one-of-a-kind brunching-lunching-dining experience away from the stress of  your busy day.

The founders of  A&S have been friends for over 8 years and got inspired by this long lasting friendship to create a place and environment that would encourage people to bond with one another while getting all the best nutriments their bodies could ever ask for. Urban, cozy, healthy, friendly, all the adjectives that describe Arrows & Sparrows are basically what we all need to spend an enjoyable moment and want to come back over and over.




+971 4 558 8141



G04, Emaar Business Park, Building 4
The Greens



8am- 10pm

Pictures taken from A&S website.


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