The self-care we deserve | Spend the day at Nobu By The Beach

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If you look up breath-taking in the dictionary, chances are its synonym would be Atlantis the Royal. The hotel, which is only celebrating a year young this 2024, has managed to build a reputation for itself in no time. Inaugurated by no other than the Queen herself, Beyoncé, in a pretty spectacular show, the hotel is home to the first ever Nobu beach club in the world. And this pioneering Nobu By The Beach is where JDEED is is taking you today; keep reading to find out why you should really treat yourself to a pool day at the premise.

Despite Dubai being a beach city, having the luxury to unwind by a pool or on a sandy beach remains a treat: busy, hectic, challenged by heavy traffic, there are countless reasons why we sometimes just give up trying to make it to a nearby sun bed.
Nobu By The Beach is a very solid reason to forget about all the above and indulge in a day to remember. Think about it: a gorgeous pool, comfy sun loungers, efficient staff that won’t leave you thirsty and Nobu sushis within a few meters: what’s not to love?
We visited on a Friday afternoon and the place was not over crowded which was a great start; we could have fallen asleep on this soft mattress right away but kept our eyes wide open to not miss a second. What a gorgeous environment with the majestic hotel structure as a backdrop.

As hunger started to strike, we made our way to the restaurant, highly anticipating what we were about to bite into. A heavenly parade of sashimis made its way to our table, including some melt-in-your-mouth chutoro and otoro cuts. While we enjoyed some of Nobu’s signature dishes like the miso black cod, we were informed that the spirit of the place was like every other Nobu, just a tad more casual and frankly, we’re all about it.
To finish the succession of soft-shell crab rolls and crispy shiitake (Japanese mushroom) salad (a must-try), we caved and ordered a home-made black sesame ice-cream stick served with caramel and a few pop-corns, the perfect sweet note to end this lovely meal.

If you’re a fan of Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s cuisine, this exclusive location won’t disappoint. How fabulous is it to indulge on some of the world best Japanese food basically in your swimsuit?

As we return to our sun beds, we think about that nap we didn’t take earlier that might now become compulsory. Legend says we had dreams of sushi rolls and other sesame-flavoured anything as we closed our eyes rocked by the gentle tunes and sounds of the water.

Nobu By The Beach
Atlantis The Royal

Sun Loungers:
Monday – Thursday: AED 250
Friday – Sunday and public holidays: AED 350

Bookings available here
Daily 9am-7pm