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Wanderlust turned into jewelry | Farah Khan Atelier

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Farah Khan Ali, one of India’s most iconic names in the space of jewellery design, brings us Farah Khan Atelier, a new chapter of creativity and craftsmanship celebrating hope. Born during the 2020 pandemic, this new line wishes to honor the miracle of existence: “I don’t love to design, I live to design.”- Farah Khan Ali.

The “Amaira” collection Talent – @amyradastur93 Photography – @arjun.mark Styling @who_wore_what_when

An experience forged over three decades, Farah Khan Ali has managed to establish her reputation throughout the years. The visionary designer, storyteller, and master craftsman, has created a legacy of excellence, all while breaking boundaries with her signature pieces.

Extra in the ordinary, Farah Khan Ali doesn’t leave flamboyance to the side: bright colors, supersized stones, mix and match, her jewelry is meant to be seen and to empower its wearer who’s not afraid to make a statement.

A world-traveler who carries a deep appreciation for nature and architecture, Farah draws inspiration from these passions to bring them forward into Farah Khan Atelier. The brand proposes two distinct collections: Aayat and Amaira, the first being an iconic collection of premium jewellery and the latter, a tribute to Farah’s wanderlust.

The “Aayat” collection

Almost a portray of two elements of her personality, one that is more rooted in classics, premium elements and the other proposing a touch of fun and extravaganza, the two collections will both seduce women who aren’t afraid to shine.

“Aayat,” meaning ‘miracle’ in Urdu, is crafted from 18k gold and adorned with natural diamonds, making it a truly special collection that acts as a reminder that we must alway celebrate life. The “Amaira” collection, on the other hand, evokes the designer’s travels with each colour reminiscing a city that Farah has traveled to: the azure blues of Mykonos, the regal hues of Jodhpur… “Amaira” is a translation of these destinations’ beauty and diversity, turned into wearable art that brings some sunshine into our jewerly cabinet.

The “Amaira” collection Talent – @amyradastur93 Photography – @arjun.mark Styling @who_wore_what_when

Discover more about Farah Khan Ali’s mesmerizing world here and follow her work on her Instagram, here.