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The 3 women entrepreneurs we have our eyes on

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If there’s something we really love doing at JDEED, it’s supporting and empowering female entrepreneurs. It’s only natural that our latest round-up of businesses to keep an eye on focuses on three exceptional women, who each seduced us with their incredible stories. We invite you to discover Freya by Dana Al Fahim, The Maternity Project by Fatma Rashid and Gallello Atelier by Stacey Gallello.


Visionary Emirati entrepreneur Dana Al Fahim just launched Freya, a much needed luxury fabrics entreprise in the heart of Dubai.
A real game-changer, Freya revolutionizes fabric shopping thanks to a meticulously curated offering of exclusive textiles that, with their rich colors, patterns and textures are an homage to the multi-faceted cultural heritage of the Middle East.
Al Fahim, who comes from a business background, always had a passion for art and design; it’s a combination of the two that she brings into Freya which is truly not just a fabric store but an immersive experience that puts an emphasis on the traditions of craftsmanship and the customisation of fabrics.
The region’s buzzing fabric industry was an inspiration to the entrepreneur who now thanks to Freya, fills a gap in the market. High quality fabrics and a polished shopping experience await, as Freya will provide you with a top-notch, luxurious experience merging beauty, quality and creativity.

With such an exclusive concept, fabrics do come in limited quantities, insisting on the uniqueness and the luxury experience aspect – but you wouldn’t want just about everyone getting their hands on your exact choice, would you?
The range however is endless: luxurious silks and chiffons, hand-beaded couture fabrics, French lace…Freya sources her curation from top suppliers around the world, such as Sophie Hallette, Aldo Bianchi or Jakob Schlaepfer.

To polish the whole experience, Freya offers haute-couture tailoring service with a VIP lounge, enabling clients to collaborate with their in-house expert designers, ready to help you create your dream bespoke designs from A to Z.

Discover more about Freya, here


You’ll soon be able to discover The Maternity Project (TMP), a unique digital platform that has been designed to empower mothers and celebrate the journey of motherhood through a holistic experience. Aiming at redefining the sometimes difficult transition into motherhood, TMP will be a new safe space where women can feel “stylish, confident, informed, and empowered.

Offering a unique eye and a new vision in the motherhood empowerment space, founder Fatma Rashid has developed The Maternity Project with goals that go beyond being an e-commerce platform. The website wishes to celebrate the beauty and challenges of motherhood, all while offering a curated selection of products and resources that will respond to the different needs of mothers-to-be and new moms.

At The Maternity Project, we believe that motherhood should be celebrated and embraced with confidence and style,” says Fatma Rashid; “our platform is designed to empower women as they embark on this transformative journey, providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to navigate motherhood with grace and positivity.

Keep an eye on the website, launching very soon.

Fatma Rashid, The Maternity Project Founder


Gallello Atelier is the perfect comeback of traditional tailoring we’ve been waiting for. The epitome of luxury and savoir-faire, with garments individually handcrafted for each client by a single artisan in Veneto, Gallello Atelier takes its wearers back to a time of meticulous details and fabulous refinement.
Founded by Stacey Gallello, the house boasts an artistic heritage, the one of Dominic Gallello, couturier-patternmaker and Stacey’s beloved grandfather, who inspired the atelier.

Reminiscent of a bygone era when the design and creation processes were never rushed and authentic craftsmanship was celebrated, Gallello Atelier aims to welcome back these elements into modern-day creations and transport them into the future. The golden age of luxury is being re-birthed through the exquisite pieces from the Italian brand, that apply the slow-luxury techniques of Dominic Gallello, who was no less than Christian Dior’s esteemed patternmaker in the 1950s.

For the debut collection, entitled “Elena”, Gallello Atelier proposes, unsurprisingly, classic silhouettes with impeccable tailoring, extremely precise patterns and hand-made finishings like we don’t see them anymore. As per the materials, you guessed it, they’re only the finest, such as pure virgin wool and silks to soft cashmeres.

You can now discover more about their story and shop on their website, right here