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VMar | Jewelry for the 2019 state of mind

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VMar- the latest fresh, cutting-edge jewelry brand to land in Beirut. The brand combines contemporary, minimalist design with a sense of timeless frivolity, creating elegant and quirky pieces fit for all occasions. Sharp angles, metallic textures, bright colors and daring shapes are combined and customized to fit the unique personality of each person behind the piece.


Words/Salomé Aubergé


‘VMar launching campaign’ Eli Rezkallah 2018 © Plastik Studios


The founder and designer of VMar is Maral Melhem, a creative businesswoman who has over two decades of experience working in the luxury sector. After working for high-end jewelry companies in the likes of Bulgari and Chopard, she decided to pursue her own creative calling by starting her own brand, in collaboration with the late Lebanese interior designer Vick Vanlian. Not just any brand however, the designer wanted to create a label with a difference, one that could well and truly carry individuals into 2019 in the fiercest, boldest way possible. Such motivations are encapsulated in every aspect of the design process from the materials used, including diamonds and titanium, to the cuts chosen, a personal favorite being the roaring panther head. Indeed, Melhem seeks to create modern pieces for the modern individual. Her designs are progressive and forward-looking, not conforming to existing gender conventions and not catering to any particular social circle. Her pieces are designed to be worn day and night, by men and women, whatever the occasion. Jewelry for the modern individual, living in the present moment.

One of her stand-out collections is Pantera, a celebration of the symbolic value and aesthetic splendor of the panther. The latter is universally recognized as being an emblem of power and strength, and Melhem’s collection does the animal’s reputation justice. With a diamond eye that gleams in the light and a gemstone tongue that emerges from a roaring gold mouth, her panther pendant is quite the eye-catcher.


‘VMar launching campaign’ Eli Rezkallah 2018 © Plastik Studios


Lucky is another of Melhem’s signature collections. It consists of a series of bold gold pendants in the shapes of numbers, some of which are gilded with diamonds, each holding a unique significance to its wearer. The Q-Oré collection is a celebration of the heart shape but with an edgy, innovative twist. Sharp geometric angles meet soft curves while precious/ semi-precious gemstones meet thick gold chains. The collection is all about unusual combinations, giving a fresh lease of life to a timeless classic.



In order to maintain a dynamic dialogue with the global design scene, Melhem decided to develop VMar as a collective by collaborating with designers from different backgrounds to produce an eclectic range of designs. The latest collaboration is with Barcelona-based Mo Kalache who uses his experience in art direction to turn his creative concepts into jewelry items.


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