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JDEED’s 2019 picks for design, food and more

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Everyone has probably heard this a zillion time by now but – Happy New Year!  At JDEED we’re very busy preparing our 4th issue so we basically took 10 days to send you our warm wishes… Better late than never, right?

And pardon the lateness, even more so that the excuses come with good news. While away, we’ve put together a small list of places, designers, sounds, food and more (in and from the Arab world) that we want to discover in 2019 and we suggest you discover too!

Also, since the years pass and social media is still going strong, please don’t hesitate to tag us or mention us shall you experience anything on this list.




2019 is the year we will purchase a piece from Arwa Al BanawiKhalas ya3ne – we’ve been eying the Saudi designer’s collections for way too long and it’s time we make one of her pieces ours. Particularly that Riyality rain coat… Maybe so we can face the next Norma storm that’s gonna hit Beirut in style.



Arwa Al Banawi’s collection – taken from her Instagram


We’re also going to have to stop by Precious Trust’s booth at General 3am in Dubai or, well, or stay sat right on our couch –wherever in the world that couch is- and just click and shop. Indeed, the brand is now shipping world-wide. The superb street wear label by Algerian native Wathek Allal made itself more available than ever and we are going to take good advantage of that.


Precious Trust shot by @ccconnorrr


2019 is also the year we try to alternate sneakers and heels and uplift our femininity (try is the key word in this sentence.) To do so, we are definitely looking at Jordanian-Romanian designer Amina Muaddi’s marvelous shoes which are as glamorous as they are comfortable (we did try a pair on at Level Shoes). They respond well to our glitters and colorful envies and would undeniably be perfect to pimp our looks that we want bold this year – life is a party isn’t it?


Amina Muaddi’s Gilda
taken from Amina’s Instagram




Back in 2017, hanging around Fashion Forward, we met Dubai-based Filipino Ryle Tuvierra of account @thefiercewalker and the daily dose of good energies this person is sending out is unbeatable! Whenever you feel down, head to Ryle’s account – we promise you you’ll feel better in seconds – Ryle also has a great sense of style, which is a great bonus.


Ryle of The Fierce Walker


Georgia is clearly on our map this year and the country is bursting with creativity of all sorts. Photographer Beqa Chokoshvili is our pick for this list, his Juergen Teller-esque photography being a total eye-candy. His campaigns for designer Aleksandre Khalkatsishvili are poetic and a great confirmation that Georgian fashion is one we should all look out for at the moment.



The Turkish leather good brand Mlouye’s pastel – 70’s vibes is making us reconsider our love for everything all-black. Soft yet strong, the visuals are inspiring and sharp. Us who are shoe-fans kinda want to purchase a new bag asap- will you too?


MLOUYE’s Instagram




New coffee shops are popping up everywhere in Beirut but one retained our attention (initially thanks to a pic on Instagram – agh the power of the gram- ). Avocado-eggs croissant, Honduras hot chocolate and then cocktails and amazing burrata? Tenno has it all. Nestled in a quiet street of Mar Mikhail in Beirut, across Lobster Society, Tenno is a new gem that offers multiple atmospheres depending on the time of the day/night you’re visiting. A big common table at the back is ideal if you need to work. And Mistika, the place’s golden retriever will greet you warmly, you and your potential pet, since animals are encouraged at Tenno.



Greece found its way to Dubai with the newly opened restaurant OPA . There, you’ll find a cuisine inspired by the Hellenic islands and an electric ambiance – be ready to break plates and indulge in a Lobster orzo risotto.


Lobster Orzo Risotto




Stamba Hotel in Tbilisi is on top of our list. In-room library, golden bathtub, velvet ambiance. Hotel stays are redefined. In case you want to experience the city at a buzzing moment, note that the next Mercedez Benz fashion week is in May. Its newest MENA representative is Beirut-Based Bureau des Createurs – hurray! Lebanon and Georgia’s fashion relationships are definitely strengthened.


Stamba Hotel Tbilisi


Odom Retreat is a new destination in Plateau de Bakish near Kfardebian in Lebanon that might seriously take your breath away. A trio of glamorous fully equipped tents await in an out-of-this world setting. A real retreat it is; the buzz of Beirut seems million miles away which, let’s be honest, can truly be appreciable sometimes.


Odom Retreat – picture from Odom Retreat’s Instagrammer




Some self-promotion is never a bad idea is it? Well mark your calendar, JDEED 4 is out this January! We concocted a new issue revolving on music – less fashion and more general art this time around.


Lebanese indie band Mashrou’Leila is going on their biggest European tour to date and is set to perform their first Olympia in Paris on March 14th. Tickets are on sale now.


Mashrou Leila European Tour


Amman Design Week who skipped its traditional event in 2018 is coming back this October. The 2017 edition was so convincing, we can’t wait to be traveling to the Jordanian capital again this year to discover their freshest talents.


2019 looks exciting doesn’t it?