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Alice Edde has traveled the world but has found no destination that equaled her beloved Lebanon.

Alice opened her eponymous boutique in Byblos’ old town back in 2014. Soaps from Tripoli, metal flowerpots from Byblos…All of her products from home decoration to fashion are proudly Made in Lebanon, which is to Edde a synonym of pure quality.

Alice collaborates with different Lebanese designers, craftsmen and perfumers. All together, they express are a very local and warm feeling of what Lebanon is.

While Nadine Abou creates pottery for the garden, Ludmila Bitar of IDEO perfumes composes fragrances, Maya Husseiny works glass into soap dishes and candle holders and the Outayek family focuses on the leather goods.

JDEED wanted to know more about this very poetic and blooming lady.


How did the Alice Eddé story start?

 I’ve lived all over the world, and been heavily influenced by everywhere I’ve travelled or lived. My curiosity is limitless, my energy boundless and I hope that my enthusiasm is infectious! From a young age, all I’ve ever wanted is to share that with other people, and that’s how the Alice Eddé ‘story’ started.

Is Lebanon an inspiration to you? In which sense?
Lebanon is such a rich and diverse country. The languages, traditions, landscapes and religions are varied and exciting, and that’s reflected in our food, music, art and traditions.
The passion of the Lebanese craftsperson is expressed in everything they do, and that has had a profound effect on me. The desire to communicate a story through handiwork is a Lebanese credo, and one that I cannot help but champion. 
How would you define your customer? Is there an Alice Eddé woman?
 The ‘Alice Eddé woman’ cannot be summarized. It’s a spring in her step, and a smile in her eye…
Describe Byblos in your own words…
 I’m sorry to be evasive, but with Byblos, seeing is believing. Describing the winding streets, the glittering sea, the ancient golden buildings and character of its inhabitants would be impossible. I invite you all to come and feel this city for yourselves.
What are your future projects?
 They grab me before I have a chance to look for them!
We have a lot of cultural projects happening in Byblos – helping to celebrate this wonderful corner of the world, and I’m working hard to bring everybody together. The Alice Eddé brand has some exciting new launches coming up, and we’re gearing up for a very busy summer at EddéSands. So these are some of my focuses for now.

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