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The Arab Women-Founded Businesses You Need To Check Out Now

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| Whether it’s tech, beauty or art, these Arab women are bringing fresh entrepreneurial ideas to the table. We are looking into 4 inspiring businesses that shake things up.

Noora Shawqi Jewelry on FAME


“The art of makeup has deep roots in the Middle East, and it’s time to share what we’ve learned.”

Created by, and for, the modern Arab woman,” ASTERI is the new Saudi brand that’s revolutionizing make-up. Entrepreneur Sara Al Rashed was raised the youngest of three sisters, and learned advanced make-up tricks from a young age.
Growing up with skin problems, she truly believes that make up isn’t made to hide what a woman is, but rather to enhance it. And so, what exactly is ASTERI? Well, basically the dream brand we’ve been waiting for: included skincare properties, extreme temperatures-proof (bye bye smudging), adapted for all skin tones, vegan and cruelty-free (aka free of mineral oil, microplastics, parabens, sulphates, known carcinogens, carbon black and more) but also eco-conscious with conscious refillable packaging.

Discover and shop Asteri, here.



FAME puts MENA female artists in the spotlight 

The MENA is bursting with creativity, emerging talents and rich cultures. As it is constantly evolving and facing challenges due to socio-political climates, modern and contemporary art reflects those unique stories and their heritage. And in a world where men are on the main stage of business, women are taking back their power and imposing themselves. FAME (Female Artists of the Middle East) celebrates the talent and diversity of modern MENA women with their female-founded platform and exhibition portal for art and design.
This community of women creatives offers pieces from fine art, interior design, jewelry and art wear, expressing creativity and artisanal craft. It showcases both emerging and established artists, amongst them jewelers Bil Arabi, L’atelier Nawbar and Noora Shawqi, furniture designer Nada Debs, painters Helen Zughaib and Mona Trad Dabaji, photographer Rania Matar, carpet master Iwan Maktabi, and statement accessories from Marzook, L’Afshar, and Vanina. Creating a full-cycle business model, FAME donates to women’s charities through its sales, using the regenerative energy that expansive female collaboration naturally creates.



The BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) systems are gaining more and more fans in a world where inflation is an ever-growing concern. Ibtissam Ouassif is the young Moroccan-Italian woman who co-founded a platform to facilitate your wishes to get what you want right now without having to actually do the transaction simultaneously. Cashew Payments is a Dubai-based company that received received $13.5m of funding in its pre-series A round.

Check out Cashew and download it, here.


Wumi is the brainchild of Lebanese-Moroccan, Paris-based Najwa Harfouch who wanted to create intimate care that didn’t contain chemical substances and that matched her needs.
Wumi was born of a very personal wish to have my own intimate gel,” she says. When she realized lots of women wanted to same, she sought a specialized laboratory and gynaecologists’ advice to prepare the perfect formula. The made in France product has already found its public, gotten press coverage and seduced its users. Ninety-eight percent of natural origin and 69% organic, the 27USD gel has so far only gotten 5 stars reviews. In the love of vulva we trust.

Discover Wumi here.