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Streetwear takes Kuwait | Internal Vibes

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blanc-squareNot always the first mentioned in the GCC when it comes to fashion, Kuwait seems to be witnessing the rise of a streetwear scene.
After RS Streetwear, we introduce you to Internal Vibes, the label giving a new definition to urban cool.
Translated into Arabic by Ramitza Saadeh
Tell us a bit about your background and how the concept of Internal Vibes started?
I always wanted to create something from scratch. As a kid, I loved art I enjoyed to build but mostly I get inspired by everything. I like to turn a useless object into a piece of art so that’s what lead me today to create this brand.  It’s not easy to make it in this business, specially in the fashion industry, but I tried and I faced many challenges that made me stronger.  Internal Vibes is all about feelings vibes that we have inside of us. I put those vibes on my clothes so people can express their thoughts , feelings in a new way .
How would you define the Kuwaiti’s fashion scene and how do you envision the arrival of Internal Vibes amongst it?
It’s amazing! I personally like many Kuwaiti clothing brands. Internal Vibes, I see it as this new different edgy brand that breaks the borders of the fashion industry. It’s a free place to express yourself .
Your whole vibe and aesthetic are pretty blanc-squarestreet-wear. Are you influenced by music, maybe Hip-Hop or Rap?
Of course music alone has its own vibe with its audience. I once used a line from Drake so, sure, music does influence the brand in some ways .
How would you describe the place of Kuwait on an artistic level in the Middle-East? Are there many young talented designers such as yourself trying to make it there?
Kuwait might be a small country but it has many interesting places that has many art works such as Mubarkeya. it represent the old Kuwait and it has many beautiful graffitis that have a meaning and also a vibe. There are many young designers who are creative and creating their own brands for the future and present.
What are your ambitions and goals for your label?
My ambition & goal is to see my own creations walk down many runways, many streets world wide, and my brand to be featured in many places. But always the main goal that never ends is to witness people who buy from my brand being happy and comfortable with each product.