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Stine Goya’s Ramadan Capsule: Creative Director Stine Goya on the brand’s venture into modest fashion

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For the first time, Danish label Stine Goya released a Ramadan capsule collection, featuring
colorful, sparkly, and print-saturated pieces perfect for any iftar or celebration. Sticking to greens
and pinks, the capsule blends Stine Goya’s famous floral patterns and striking cuts, showing the
world the creative possibilities within modest fashion. Taking inspiration from Stine Goya’s
Middle Eastern and Muslim communities styling pieces in modest ways, creative director Stine
Goya looked to them for inspiration in designing the capsule.
JDEED caught up with Stine Goya to learn about the inspirations behind the capsule, what it
means to be designing for different audiences, and the future of modern fashion within Stine

By Ethan Dinçer

Hi Stine! Thanks for talking with us. Starting off, can you talk a bit about why you decided to create a Ramadan capsule?

We have been wanting to create a Ramadan capsule for quite some time, and as the brand continues to grow at a global level it felt like the right time to launch. Diversity and inclusion have always been core pillars of our brand DNA, so we’re thrilled to finally be able to offer a collection that is dedicated to such an important and special time of the year for so many people.

As one of the first Danish brands to come out with a modesty-focused capsule, why is it important to be bringing these conversations (and clothes) to the center?

We have observed a growing interest from our Middle Eastern market and communities who have been styling our main line pieces in more of a modest fashion way. I felt it was important to take queues from this, to listen to our community and explore the meaningful moments that matter to them.

The capsule has a bunch of vibrant prints and green tones – what creative decisions did you make in designing the collection? Why these colors, these prints?

We wanted to stay true to our brand universe with bright colors and prints, so inspiration from our main line collections were reapproached and reworked with higher necklines and longer sleeve lengths for modesty. The collection is designed with celebratory Ramadan moments in mind, so colour and sequins were super important. We wanted to ensure it felt suitably elevated and sophisticated for special gatherings and Eid celebrations.

Seeing as this is Stine Goya’s first Ramadan capsule, are there plans in the future to expand the offerings? How do you see the modest fashion space growing for your audiences and clients?

I would love for the Ramadan capsule to become a regular feature in our offering. It’s still early days, so we’ll have to see how this first launch goes before making any long-term decisions, but it would be so inspiring to continue this journey into our colourful and joyful take on modest dressing.

Shop Stine Goya’s Ramadan Collection, here.