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Young Bahraini entrepreneur Yara AlDhaen launches SEPT, the first fashion personalization platform that aims to redefine the way users shop online.

Designed kind of like a well known dating app, on SEPT you’ll be able to swipe “ME” or “NOT ME” on the suggested products, creating a feed totally unique to you, just as you’d see on Spotify or Netflix about which AlDhaen comments: “We all don’t share the same music and film taste and our Spotify and Netflix reflect that, so why do we need to look at the same product feed, endlessly scroll and then try to make a choice?
Algorithms are here used to refine your style and shopping preferences as precisely as it gets.
Facing an issue of not being able to own her fashion choices, AlDhaen needed to create “a fashion platform that speaks to its consumers
directly, offering them a chance to feel seen and heard.

With empowerment as a core value, she goes on saying that SEPT offers
a uniquely immersive brand experience that allows users to be themselves.” and believes that “Fashion has long communicated with a top down approach and made women feel confused, puzzled in their choice” ; Offering an alternative, Aldhaen remarks that with SEPT they “choose to empower them (the women) and optimize their choices.
Breaking the mold and having inclusivity take the front seat, SEPT is a promise to spark the creative light within you, the you who just wants to be in control of their choices and style.

Just launched and already working directly with top-notch platforms such as NET-A-PORTER, Farfetch, Matches Fashion, Ssense and Moda Operandi, SEPT is currently available to download as an iOS application, that you can find here.

Yara Aldhaen by Hafsa Qasem

Yara AlDhaen is a California qualified lawyer who has worked serving the Bahraini government
in the Sovereign Wealth Fund. She previously held roles in local and international law firms. She
is an advocate of fashion sustainability and believes that the future is reliant on conscious
consumerism. She has been educated in King’s College London and Kent University