Bunyamin Aydin of Les Benjamins tells us about new Core Collection

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Les Benjamins, an edgy, luxury streetwear label founded in Istanbul by designer Bunyamin Aydin drops its “Core Collection” today, bringing urban staple pieces to the table.

Celebrating basics, this new launch includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, long and
cropped hoodies, leather and bomber jackets, jeans, shorts, and sweatpants, here existing in their most comfortable versions – think cotton, jerseys, denim. The greys, black, rust, off-white tones blend in with a cityscape and are being clashed by some turquoise and orange, adding some zest to the urban palette.
JDEED spoke to Aydin to discover more about the brand and this new collection.

Hi Bunyamin! First off, how are you and has 2021 been treating you so far?

Thank you for asking this! I think we live in an age where we have to communicate more with each other in a more meaningful way. Deep conversations lead to change. I’m great. Lots of exciting things coming up.

For those who might not know, can you tell us a bit about how you started in fashion and how was Les Benjamins born?

I actually started designing t-shirts when I was only 17 years old. I would gift them to my friends in highschool and they were quite impressed as I only produced few pieces. My creative journey started with drawing, and photography during selective classes. I soon realized I enjoy the creative fields more than anything. In 2011, I founded “Les Benjamins” and from there, we grew into a full-on men’s & women’s ready-to-wear collections, now showing during Paris Men’s Fashion Weeks. After Nike discovering me in 2017 for the VoteForward campaign, I was also globally recognized as a sneaker designer. There are many milestones for “Les Benjamins” that won’t fit in an interview.

“Don’t do what you think people will appreciate. Be creative and yourself.”

The Core Collection is a return to iconic basic pieces; Which would you say are you go-to pieces and what is a statement piece that everyone should own?

Definitely our “Les Benjamins” Essentials Collections. They are all made in organic cotton and are what we can call “comfortwear.” I wear them myself always, at home and even outside. The statement pieces from SS22 “Les Benjamins”s “Silk Road Delivery Services” are the summer shirts & cargo pants with the Silk Road allover prints. I collaborated with artist Neil Raitt, who painted the silk road, which was scanned and used as an allover print.

The color palette of the collection is modern, incorporating itself well in a cityscape yet you’re known for your use of incredible patterns and prints; if you had to choose, would you go head-to-toe print or monochrome?

I’m very boring. My style and what I design are two very different approaches. I like being simple and effortless.

The juxtapositions presented in the collection truly elevate the outfits; What would be your style advice for us next Winter and what is a good way to start juxtaposing?

Mix up your vintage clothes with “Les Benjamins” pieces. Be playful and bold. Don’t do what you think people will appreciate. Be creative and yourself.

Discover more about LES BENJAMINS, here.