New On The Block: KENZO Opens Boutique In Dubai Mall

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KENZO making its mark in the UAE by opening its first boutique at the iconic Dubai Mall this March 2024. The store, spanning over 1300 square feet, captivates visitors with a design that merges the cultural influences of Japan and France, embodying the East-meets-West ethos that has come to define KENZO under the creative direction of Nigo.

By Désirée Baretto

At the forefront of the store’s design is a striking façade reminiscent of the KENZO headquarters in Paris, featuring the brand’s signature beige stone juxtaposed with a vibrant red ‘torii’ threshold, symbolising the transition from the outside world into the captivating universe of KENZO. Stepping inside, visitors are greeted by a bold red lacquered structure inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, serving as a focal point amidst a meticulously curated space adorned with contemporary yet authentic elements.

The interior ambience is further enriched by bright red accents, including carpeting and wall fixtures, juxtaposed against a natural oak floor reminiscent of the Château de Versailles. Embedded within the flooring pattern is the subtle yet symbolic letter ‘K,’ paying homage to KENZO’s rich identity. Meanwhile, the ceiling design, inspired by the Parisian home of KENZO founder Kenzo Takada, features parallel wooden beams finished in a sleek black matte, adding a touch of graphic sophistication to the space.

Beyond its visually captivating design, the Dubai Mall boutique will serve as the perfect backdrop to unveil KENZO’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection, curated by Creative Director Nigo. Themed around the vibrant sounds of City Pop, the collection blends Japanese influences with Western street styles, offering a modern interpretation of KENZO’s legacy. From graphic preppy looks to reinvigorated archival motifs, the collection embodies a youthful elegance that epitomises KENZO’s pioneering spirit of inclusive harmony.

The KENZO store is now open at The Dubai Mall