Bling It On This Ramadan With These Regional Jewellery Designers

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Iftars, Suhoors, and quickly enough, Eid, these jewelry brands will be nothing short of a best friend to complete your looks and make you dazzle through the Holy Month.

By Desirée Baretto


Beenish Mahmood encapsulates a journey of enchantment and discovery inspired by the magical allure of jewels from Shehrezad’s adventures in One Thousand and One Nights. Each piece tells a tale of exploration and wonder. With a commitment to ethical sourcing and skilled craftsmanship, their designs testify to the enduring love and dreams that sparked its inception.

Shop their latest collection, ‘The Secret Garden’ here.

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Nijma M.

Nijma M epitomises the fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary flair in every meticulously crafted piece of fine jewellery, a harmony they refer to as ‘modern opulence’. Handmade with precision and dedication to detail, each creation utilises recycled gold and responsibly sourced diamonds.
From the design studios of Toronto to the artisanal hubs of New York City and Montreal, every piece reflects a synthesis of luxury and consciousness, inviting wearers to embrace the essence of sophistication with a conscious touch of coolness.

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Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, JewelYara features motifs that pay homage to its homeland and natural wonders. All their pieces are statement pieces, glistening in gold or white gold and other vibrant gemstones like tsavorite, pink ruby and amethyst.

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Signature Jewels by FA

Signature Jewellery By FA fuses impeccable craftsmanship with emotive design, catering to diverse generations of women seeking timeless elegance. Whether it’s a daily-wear set or a bespoke creation, each piece serves as a cherished symbol of aesthetic expression and personal narrative, enriching women’s precious moments with enduring beauty and significance.

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Kaltham’s Pavilion

Kaltham’s Pavilion celebrates the brilliance of fine jewellery design with a focus on the intricate beauty of the diamond pavilion. From its origins in Doha, Qatar, the brand’s commitment to excellence shines through its use of the finest quality gemstones and 18-karat gold. With a deep reverence for Qatari culture and a dedication to customer joy, their creations embody a harmonious blend of tradition, heritage, and the splendour of nature.

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Aariya Diamonds

Aariya Jewelry embodies the essence of personalized luxury, crafting bespoke pieces that intertwine the beauty of diamonds with the emotions they evoke. From inception to creation, their team of skilled artisans craft each piece, ensuring every detail reflects the client’s unique vision and style and creates lasting memories destined to endure for generations.

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Stone Fine Jewelry

Stone Fine Jewelry delivers on traditional glamour with contemporary fluidity. Through classical stone setting techniques, each creation is imbued with a luminous quality that transcends trends. With collections ranging from statement-making to whimsical, Stone Fine Jewelry celebrates the multifaceted nature of femininity, offering pieces designed to be cherished and rediscovered time and again.

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