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Inspired and created for @thekarak_ , a platform showcasing local talent, founded by Faizal Razak and Lava Ilieva, “Spilled Karak” is an editorial that offers a glimpse into Faizal Razak’s interior design work for one of the hottest Karak chai spots in Dubai. Discover it on JDEED.



A forward thinking designer with a talent for creating unorthodox concepts. Trained as an Interior Designer​, Faizal drives the narrative of a 3rd culture kid from India, born and raised in Dubai, through his capabilities to​ curate unique experiences through sound & visual. To ensure that more regional talents like himself are being discovered, heard and seen he has Founded a platform that showcases all types of creatives, digitally and throughout offline events held on biweekly basis. 
He most often says “Dubai should stop looking outwards and start celebrating its own talent and culture.”


A multifaceted creative, Fashion designer graduate, originally from Bulgaria, working in the fashion industry in Dubai for more than a decade, Lava is currently focusing on styling, production and creative direction through the not yet launched experimental agency @flava.lab 
As a co-founder of @thekarak_ – platform showcasing regional creatives, Lava holds market space, called The Baqala, for small local brands throughout the biweekly physical events. 

Production and creative direction – @flava.lab 
Model – @karrinailieva 
Stylist – @lava_ilieva 
Makeup and hair – 
Photographer @antiimuse
Location 1  @projectchaiwala, designed by @faizalr31 
Location 2 @cinemaakil 

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