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TALEL’s inaugural triangle handbag | The accessory we’ve always wanted

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Founded in 2019 by Moroccan designer Leila Roukni, TALEL is the home of Paris designed, Italian made leather handbags. This unique, geometric statement piece comes in eight bold colors and three sizes – perfect for any occasion – with an additional two printed leather designs dropping in the SS21 collection.


The beautiful catalogue of handbags available on their website display the delicate craft and high quality material Leila has selected for her collection. Each bag has endless potential and can be dressed up as a statement piece or muted as a soft, geometric backdrop.

Talel, meaning joyful in Arabic and also the name of the French-born designers’ husband, is an accessory label created to transform any silhouette. Each bag can be worn with a short strap or a detachable longer one, a design geared towards convenience and customization. As a slow fashion brand, each year the designing factory undergoes an audit to ensure fair wages and working hours are provided as well as assessing the carbon footprint of the factory per annum, and finding solutions to reduce it. Leila’s bags have received attention and been worn by Dubai-based influencers Rania Fawaz and Ola Farahat.


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Where did your idea for the triangle handbag begin?

Leila Roukni (LR): I have always been inspired by art and architecture. I love asymmetric silhouettes and I also like to think of my bags as iconic design objects. That’s how I came to design this geometric statement. I know how much a handbag can transform and sign a silhouette so as an inaugural piece, I created the “Triangle Bag”. Refined and striking, this geometrical statement exists in 8 bold colors and 3 sizes to help you out with every look, every situation, day and night. Strong and cool at the same time.




“Tell me which bag you carry, I’ll tell you who you are…”




Within one style of handbag, you have created a multitude of possibilities through the colors and sizes available. How would you best coordinate some of the pieces?

LR: I am trying to push customization and I love to mix the colors – that’s why all the nappa pouches inside my bags are interchangeable. This offers several variations and color combos that the customer can choose from. I love customizing my own pieces and have unique pieces to differentiate myself from an ultra competitive market. I have a multitude of options with only one bag and I love to play with that!





Your collection truly allows the bag to speak for itself. Why did you decide to create handbags that portrayed this vision?

LR: I have always loved handbags. Whenever I had a bit of money to treat myself, I preferred to invest in a beautiful accessory rather than clothes. A bag can tell so much about your personality and what you want to express about yourself. Tell me which bag you carry, I’ll tell you who you are… 🙂


The handbags range from soft, natural tones to bright and bold colors. Can you describe how you selected the color palette?

LR: One of Talel’s signature is candy-bright colors. I love colors on accessories, and I develop my own colors on each leather. This is something important in the DNA of the brand. The creative process on the color selection is very different, there are no rules. If I see something that I like, a photo in a magazine, an image, anything in the street or tradition and culture that I discover during my different trips, as long as it catches my eye!


Your way of looking at handbags is so unique. How do you hope to reinvent the current market and diversify what is defined as a bag?

LR: I hope Talel has an impact on how we consume accessories. I wish to have a little influence in this market and have the customers buy my pieces because they’re truly in love with them, rather than the fast fashion way of consuming that is buying and throwing without a second thought.






Pictures / @talelparis on Instagram