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How Creatives For Lebanon is working towards rebuilding the Lebanese creative scene

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In light of the recent explosion that devastated Beirut on August 4, Creatives For Lebanon has launched an initiative to sustainably rebuild the creative community of the country.



By Olivia Melkonian



Ten Lebanese creative industry professionals make up the diverse team of designers, artists and creators behind Creatives For Lebanon. With a mission statement intending to leverage support from the country’s diaspora, the newly established NGO seeks to conduct projects that aim to nurture and re-invest in Lebanon’s creative sector. Renowned jewellery specialist Noor Fares, Plastik founder Eli Rezkallah (who launched his magazine in 2009 to bring more colour to the city through its recovery of war), and head of content at both Dazed and Nowness, Ahmad Swaid are a few of the masterminds behind this collective. Together, they aim to invite new discussions and the sharing of resources and knowledge to repair what was tragically lost on August 4. Through promoting a positive image of Lebanon and acting as international agents, Creatives For Lebanon seek to provide a sense of relief, hope and future within the creative communities of the country.



Later this year, Beirut Re-Store will host one of the NGO’s multi-phase launch initiatives under #DonateCreateParticipate. The online platform already has a steady following and more than 100 artists involved donate to a weekly-updated online store that donates 100% of proceeds to Beirut Emergency Fund 2020, which distributes funds transparently to active NGOs working on the ground. It seems like the perfect online-marketplace for one of many upcoming initiatives by Creatives For Lebanon, who will curate a collection of donations from both emerging and established designers to sell. The team has carefully chosen organisations with similar missions to support their initiatives in aid of delivering long term impact.





Coming up soon, the group have planned an auction named “To Beirut With Love” in partnership with internationally known auction house Sotheby’s and Art for Beirut, an online platform selling art in aid of Beirut. An exclusive selection of renowned international artists and creatives, along with luxury fashion and fine jewellery designers will contribute to the collective’s fundraiser. Through collaboration of industry professionals and smaller organisations working hard on the ground, the initiative will without a doubt direct proceeds to the right place to ensure their mission is carried out. We look forward to seeing how Beirut’s creative community will be able to respond to support from its family in the diaspora and beyond.


#DonateCreateParticipate is the hashtag now circulating, thanks to Creatives For Lebanon. Stay up to date with their work online at and on their Instagram @creativesforlebanon. Shop online at Beirut Re-Store here and follow their Instagram for updates @beirutrestore.


The artists involved in the initiative can be found here:

Racil Chalhoub – @racil

Eli Rezkallah – @elirezkallah

Alissa Kobeissi – @alissa_kobeissi

Sarah Baadarani – @sarahbaadarani

Ahmad Swaid – @popdujour

Noor Fares – @noorfares

Caroline Issa – @carolineissa

Sabine Getty – @sabinegetty

Emily Kareh – @emimikareh