Lebanese designers Azzi & Osta tell us about their latest Haute Couture collection, Rêve Flamand

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The two designers don’t need much more introduction. Sold all over the world from Saudi to NYC, having dressed no less than Beyoncé or Queen Rania of Jordan, the Lebanese creative duo has established a name for themselves, instilling modernity and a fresh take on Couture and extravagant dresses.



Rêve Flamand, their Autumn-Winter 21 collection that was almost ready when their Beirut atelier suffered insane damage succeeding the August 4th explosion, is an ode to optimism. Betting on happier days ahead, Azzi & Osta talk to us about how to stay positive and how their new creations came to life.



By Cynthia Jreige





The Rêve Flamand Haute Couture Collection has the amazing ability to make the mind travel. How do you manage to keep the creativity alive while you’re almost forced to be physically anchored (with the current health circumstances)?


Azzi & Osta (A&O): Traveling with our thoughts is what evokes the power of creativity in us. We get inspired from reading, researching, our surrounding and we simply reinterpret it into our imaginations of escape. The current global pandemic urged the since of freedom and escape more than ever which reflected into our collection passing it on to the world.


The collection has been described as an evocation of hope and optimism: What’s your key to staying positive in such complicated times?


A&O:  Our ability to create, the worldwide support, the feedback , our clients, our teams – the hope in the beauty of new beginnings keeps our creative juices going.





The colors of Rêve Flamand are electric and divine, notably the “Porcelain Blue”. If you were to name the one color that will always have a place in your designs, which would it be?


A&O:  Shades of light pink, rose pink, beige pink, nude pink, blush pink, powder pink will always find their way into our collections.


The works of Van Gogh, Vermeer or Rembrandt inspired the designs of Rêve Flammand. What aspect of their art particularly attracted you?


A&O:  Their eye for detail, and ability to bring thoughts into life and be forever timeless.





You have a modern and dynamic approach to Haute-Couture. What do you think the future of Haute-Couture will look like?


A&O:  The future of couture is a return to values. Story telling, craftsmanship, exclusivity will reign again into modern Haute Couture.







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Photography credits / Azzi & Osta and De Gournay