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It’s happening again in Tbilisi.


Tsago Kanchaveli is the Tbilisi- based designer behind the label Kanchaveli who got famous for designing very distinctive, architectural bags.



Beyond unique bags, all counting three shapes: one belt bag, one shoulder bag and one hand bag, Kanchaveli can pride themselves in a very rich portfolio including various accessories: earrings, cuffs, necklaces and collar necklaces, rings, bangles as well as collar and belts.


But yes, what definitely caught our eyes were these reinvented belt-bags that once and for all buried the uncool, camper image of that trendy piece and managed to give it a futuristic super fashion-forward aesthetic.

The Kanchaveli signature is a mix of materials and a fusion of the genres. Currently, Kanchaveli is sold on 58 WORKSHOP, an online retail store that was launched for art, design and fashion lovers from all over the world.



Kanchaveli is yet another proof that Georgian fashion has everything it needs to overshadow some other international fashion scenes, never acting timorous in the innovation and risk-taking departments.



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