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Reem AlMusallam, the woman behind ALAYNA, is a Saudi fashion designer who creates contemporary ready-to-wear based in Dubai. Her newest collection #BLK – Brave Ladies Know – is inspired by the #metoo movement.

The collection features 15 all black pieces with one special edition piece in a collaboration with a Saudi artist Nahla AlGhofaili.

Through her designs, she aims to empower women and inspire them to move forward as well as achieving their goals.

We talked to Reem to find out more about her inspirations and the message behind her newest and fourth collection #BLK.


Tell us the story behind the name “ALAYNA”.

The name Alayna means “beautiful”, it has an Irish origin. I chose this name because I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way.


When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a fashion designer?

Since I discovered my inner artist at a very early age. I was inspired by fashion and art. Fashion TV was always my favorite Channel and runways were my entertainment.


How would you describe your designs in three words?

Contemporary, edgy and different.



Can you tell us more about your 2018 collection “BLK” (Brave Ladies Know) and about your involvement in the #metoo movement?

When I found out about the #metoo movement, I got so inspired. I appreciated the courage women showed when they spoke up and stood up for their rights. I watched all the international speeches avidly and wanted to adopt the movement to our region, to talk about all the struggles women face through their lives, from depression, mental abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and even drugs addiction. I want women to know nothing can stop them to achieve their dreams and goals. Knowing your right is half of the battle but fighting for it is the other half.  The message I want to deliver is “struggles will never stop you”.




What role do you think social media plays in middle eastern fashion?

Social media plays the biggest role to deliver your messages, designs, ideas. Not just in Middle East but all around the world.


How do you want women to feel when wearing your designs?

To feel self acceptance, power and appreciation.


Where can we find and purchase your designs?

For now, I am taking online orders. The lookbook will be ready very soon since a lot of international stores are interested in our brand and collections.


Photography credits:  Ali AlMatruk

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