“Daddy Issues” | Lebanese brand Emergency Room releases new collection

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We bet that you have heard of EMERGENCY ROOM by now, if not through our many articles (and even video report), then by Instagram or more recently through Fashion Trust Arabia, a prestigious contest that has nominated the brand as a finalist in the ready-to-wear category.


The Lebanon-based brand splits their time between an atelier in Tripoli, the city where they also source the fabrics they will be recycling, and a boutique/atelier in Beirut’s busy Mar Mikhail. Their Sponge Bob printed dad’s shirts, oversized coats, asymmetrical peplum tops, funky bombers…have made of the label a real establishment in the Beiruti fashion scene.

Denying the belief that all bodies should fit standard sizes, Eric Matthieu Ritter, EMERGENCY ROOM’s founder, is celebrating a fashion for all forms and shapes. He says: “We strongly promote the idea that no body shape is ideal or perfect, fit or unfit and that no gender is adequate or inadequate.”



The Summer 2020 collection still aligns with that idea. Named Daddy Issues, it reflects on “the absence of father figures” but also on  “the multiple and most recent waves of immigration that have struck Lebanon and the idea that gender is a spectrum and should never be seen as binary.


ER signs here a real call for hope and a breath of fresh air in troubled times that sometimes don’t seem to have set themselves a deadline.


In very complicated times for Lebanon, that has been facing in the past 6 months an uprising of its people, an economical crash, a humanitarian crisis and now a total quarantine amid fears of COVID-19, ER has pushed its limits and refused to let the small local business it is get engulfed by panic.

The collection look-book, shot by local photographer Tarek Moukaddem, showcases Ritter who’s “modeling all of the looks, providing an insight into (their) world, the spot and conditions in which (they) do (their) fittings, compose (their) looks and stories.”




We can’t get enough of the teddy-bear jacket, the crazy colors and patterns, the text-printed shirt… some real master-pieces in this new cuvée that we will be dreaming of from the comfort of our couches before hopefully rocking it IRL very, very soon.





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Pictures/Tarek Moukaddem


Cover picture edited by JDEED Studio