Biggest ETRO HOME Boutique opened in Beirut exclusively with AD Home Collection

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ETRO HOME chose to open their world’s largest boutique in Beirut, all thanks to AD Home Collection. The Italian brand and their opening plan suffered from the recent explosions, but with persistence, they finally opened their showroom doors.




By Leena Khayat






ETRO HOME is a high-end interiors brand and an extension of the iconic Italian fashion house ETRO Fashion which echoes the same level of sophistication. ETRO HOME’s creative experimentation comes to life in downtown Beirut’s fashion district. 

The boutique embraces oriental and Middle Eastern inspiration while sticking to ETRO HOME’s signature floral and paisley patterns. The layout is designed to create a journey and lifestyle experience for the visitor through the use of their eclectic home accessories, furniture, and perfume. The showrooms are adorned with fiery red chandleries, velvet arm chairs all with bold patterned backdrops exuding splendor and luxury. 

A team of highly qualified professionals are present to ensure your visit will be one to remember and your interior design dreams, a soon-to-be reality.





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