Discover CLAP, Dubai’s latest hot spot

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Dubai’s DIFC, the go-to destination for fine dining, hits the spot again with the opening of Clap, owned and managed by Addmind, that will transport guests in a Japan-inspired adventure from decor to palate.



Originally founded in Beirut, Clap isn’t just about incredible food, even if some of the signature dishes – think Salmon ‘Clap Cloud’, a salmon tartare with spicy miso and poppadum or the out-of-the-box wagyu beef – foie gras gyozas- are clearly the stars of the show.

The decor & ambiance participate in making your stay at Clap a one-of-a-kind experience. Directly as you enter, notice an insane eclectic chandelier made out of 2,100 toys hanging high in the restaurant’s reception and the bar, decorated with hundreds of big-title books. Mixing “modern, bold design elements against the natural woods and solid stone used across the kitchen, seating, and flooring that creates a vibrant place to eat, drink and socialise.”

“Fun is the keyword here.



Socializing is indeed made easy at Clap where small plates to share will put a smile on the indecisive’s faces (like us) but for those who know what they want, generous mains are also on the menu as well as an Omakase menu that basically consists of a Carte Blanche, in other terms, let yourself be surprised.

As per the vegetarians and vegans among us (like, well us again),  a full-on menu including some nigiris, makis, hot and cold starters is available.

Miso Banana



Vegetarian Sushi Platter


To complete the food-decor-ambiance golden trinity Clap offers, the music is curated by DJ Hisham Kfoury, and Dubai’s renowned DJ Frederick Stone. In other terms, you have all it takes to unwind in style.

Tony Habre, CEO, confesses that, at this magical place “there’s always something moving. 25 to 30 chefs will be cooking in front of you, the bar area is vast and there’s so much interaction happening between all of the staff and the guests dining. People are always looking for outstanding food but I think now more than ever they’re also looking for an exceptional experience. Fun is the keyword here.

Clap has opened on December 20th and will start lunches and brunches from January.