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Sharbel Hasbany is one of the most famous and sought-after name in the Make-Up Art landscape in Lebanon and beyond. Having graduated from Atelier Maquillage Paris Modèles, he is now based in Beirut but will soon take off for new destinations. 

Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Noun and Grazia are only some of the references Sharbel has worked for in his already well-stocked career. 

Naming Ido Raphael and Christian Child as his idols, Sharbel refers to his favorite magazines for inspirations: W, Schön, Institute and V.

JDEED wanted to know more about his tricks, do’s and dont’s. Follow the guide to a perfect Make-Up.

Cover picture by Fouad Tadros for Institute Magazine

Hello Sharbel! What is the best advice for a beautiful skin?

The best advice for a beautiful skin is to prepare and clean your skin everyday with a cleanser and a lotion then use a SPF 20 (minimum) day cream since sun rays – even the ones we don’t see- damage the skin really badly and is a cause of early skin aging and wrinkles. For dry skin, you need to add a Vitamin A cream and hydrate it everyday.


image2What is to you the biggest mistake with make-up?

The biggest mistake with make-up is to use a lighter or darker tone than your skin color when it comes to foundation and concealer. Another big mistake is to draw a line too thick and bigger than your actual lips with a lip liner because it will not give a natural effect, especially with darker colors.

What can we do to have bigger-looking lips?

To have bigger lips, you need to use a lip liner and draw on your lips to set a base color. Then you need to fill the gaps with a natural lip color if you like it soft or a strong color if you want it a bit more appealing. After that, use a gloss filler or highlighter and start with the middle of the lips in order to have a more intense lips-look. You can also obtain bigger lips by enhancing the middle with a strong color.

What is the best make-up trend?

The best make-up trend in my opinion was the bushy eyebrows because as we know, eyebrows are one of the most important part of our face and revealer of the beauty of our make-up.

The worst?

The worst make-up trend was the baking and foundation contouring that has been over-used and sometimes with the wrong purpose. It sometimes makes you look like a clown instead of enhancing the natural beauty of your face.






What was the best moment of your career?

The best moment of my career hasn’t happened yet. But I can feel it coming so soon! Although, I need to mention my experience in India where I had the chance to work with different faces and discover a new culture and new work market.

What are your future plans?

I’m going to Bangkok in a month to explore a new work market then I have several options for later, amongst which Indonesia, Mumbai again, South Korea and Hong-Kong.

By January, I will also hopefully be in Cape Town and ultimately, which is the dream destination to me, New-York is in the plans of my manager and agency Raybrown Pro for the end of 2018.










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