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blanc-squareAt JDEED, we love innovation and modern concepts, everything that is jdeed* to say the least.

When coming across, we instantly got hooked with its conception. Launched three months ago by Bane Khater, the ambitious woman behind the project, the online art gallery quickly breathed life into the artistic scene.

Banzy’s selection is a mirror of Bane’s image: urban, cool, pop. The assortment of wares vary and the website showcases pieces from emerging artists to established artists. It’s not about the price point but a genuine reflection of Bane’s personality.

With a background in law and politics, Bane wasn’t exactly predisposed to make her way onto the art scene; but with both her parents being artists themselves, it was always a dormant interest that was waiting to break through.

Despite its infancy, Bane has a striking confidence and impeccable taste, giving a precise aesthetic and clear vision.


Discover more about Banzy here

*Jdeed is Arabic for New





download  Bane Khater, the beautiful founder of Banzy

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