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 The king of all make-up cases is here! It is homegrown, practical to organize and store all your beauty treasures… aaand is now sustainable!

Amidst the beauty industry’s momentum in the world, more specifically in the Middle East (see Jdeed 5- The Beauty Issue), while reaching such hype levels in terms of market disruptions, record breaking sales, proliferation of innovative and inclusive products/brands: arise Kitmate.

Kitmate is the brainchild of Katharina and Melanie, two make up artists, originally from Germany, who have been based in the Middle East for many years and who have been dreaming of starting a business that caters to make up lovers and make up and hair professionals alike but most importantly they wanted to fill a gap in this regional market.

In comes Kitmate and the rest is history…


By Ghina Maalouf



Katharina and Melanie have between them nearly 20 years of experience in Dubai as hair and makeup artists. Melanie studied makeup in Paris and LA and went to art school in Germany and Katharina studied both hair and makeup in Germany.

Each on her own was laying down the groundwork of Kitmate without even knowing. Until they met up and started exchanging ideas and experiences, thus fine tuning their business plan and ushering for Kitmate to come about.

Indeed, they were addressing the problem of lack of good quality and cool make up organizers at reasonable prices in the region in comparison to Europe.

Their answer came in with a fire design and an outstanding quality represented by their best selling iridescent bags as part of their main collection made from holographic material. Their followers loved it due to its eye-catching attributes and uniqueness. Consequently following a huge success!



On October 15th, 2019, Kitmate decided to go green, by redesigning their same famous iridescent bags collection in an eco friendly material plus creating a bamboo mascara wand and launching them on as part of their overall strategy in becoming a more sustainable brand.

In fact, they are very interested in the global movement towards environmentally sustainable products and materials. By already being a vegan and cruelty free brand, they feel it is a necessity to find renewable techniques and move to being fully green and ethical. All of their products are handmade and their focus is on quality rather than mass. The brand is always striving to produce the best quality, and offer the best working conditions to their local manufacturing workers as they constantly carry out quality tests to improve their products’ material and finishing. Kitmate is on its way to be the motherlode of all things Beauty related: built to last, even under extreme conditions be it scorching temperatures, humidty or icy weather.



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