Welcome to Felukah’s New Dreamy Soundscape – The Love Serum

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Enter a magical world of dewy sounds, blended in English and Arabic from rising Egyptian rap icon Felukah. Her latest album, The Love Serum, has us feeling warm and filled with love. A marked break from Felukah’s rap-oriented pasts, The Love Serum is all about bending genre, refusing categorization, and spreading warmth and inspiration all around, including at the Qatar World Cup Fan Fest . The bilingual English/Arabic lyrics are deeply meaningful to Felukah – her music is all about making “the world aware of our culture beyond stereotypes”. Saying “we’ve been destined for greatness from the start,” The Love Serum is a sonic testament to true, euphoric love from Felukah, love we can’t wait to hear more of very soon.

By Ethan Dinçer

Hi Felukah! Huge congrats on the release of your new album, The Love Serum. Starting us off, can you talk about some of the inspirations you had in creating this body of work?

The Love Serum is a culmination of all my inspirations, spanning from Ms Lauryn Hill in tracks like “Neighborhood” to Raveena in “Tawkidat” to Fairuz who inspired the album artwork. I’m blessed to be surrounded by a love that fuels me and the music.

You just headlined at the World Cup Fan Fest with Coca-Cola. What was that experience like?

I think I’ll always remember this moment for many reasons. Playing at the FIFA Fan Fest with Coca-Cola marked my largest crowd yet, about 20,000 people. But beyond that it introduced me and brought me closer to TamTam, my Saudi Arabian soul sister. I’m grateful to have shared this moment with her and can’t wait for all that is yet to come for both of us.

You’re a pioneer of bilingual rap emanating from the Egyptian scene. What does being a leading emerging voice in this space feel like to you?

I remember releasing “Yansoon”, my first EP, in 2019 and getting a lot of great feedback on the mix of languages; it just came naturally to me and still does. I think there’s something beautiful about code-switching and placing non-Arabic speakers in the context of listening and getting familiar with the culture.
The same may be said with non-English speakers, but I’m more so trying to highlight/elevate my Arab heritage and make the rest of the world aware of our culture beyond stereotypes. We’ve been destined for greatness from the start. 

As much as Love Serum is about rap, there’s also very evident themes of soft, dreamy emotions. What led you to blend these two together?

In music as in life, I follow where my heart takes me. In Dream 23, I was in my peak rap era, In The Love Serum I took a few trips out the rap building, and I can’t wait to share what’s next for my falayek. Genre is a joke, gender is a joke. Love is the key and I will stop at nothing to express the love I have for this life and many of the people in it.

“(…)I’m more so trying to highlight/elevate my Arab heritage and make the rest of the world aware of our culture beyond stereotypes.”

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Ummi. My mama is my biggest inspiration and source of support. She’s the one who taught me to seek happiness from within, live for love and compassion and all else will follow. That is the essence of soul I try to pour into everything I create.

What’s a dream project or collab?

I’m by the phone waiting for Tyler the Creator, Kali Uchis or Amaarae to call; someone send Anderson .Paak my number too. From my hometown I would say Marwan Pablo. I’m excited for these dreams to crystalize into reality. It’s all just a few steps away x.

Discover more about Felukah, right here or on her Instagram.