Unveiling the Creative Splendor of WE DESIGN BEIRUT: What to Expect

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Beirut, a city that has long been a symbol of resilience and artistic brilliance, is poised to host an exceptional four-day design experience from October 27th to 30th, 2023. “We Design Beirut” is set to captivate the hearts and minds of design enthusiasts, professionals, and creatives alike with a diverse and immersive program that promises to celebrate, inspire, and ignite the world of design.

By Sama Najjar

The Oscar Niemeyer International Fair (India Stoughton)

“We Design Beirut” is not just another design event; it is a dynamic and multidisciplinary celebration of creativity. From interior design and architecture to furniture, product design, functional art, ceramics, home accessories, and rugs, the event will showcase a rich tapestry of design disciplines under one roof. This merging of creative fields is set to spark innovative conversations and push the boundaries of traditional design, encapsulating the very essence of empowerment, preservation, and sustainability that the event seeks to embrace.

We Design Beirut is propelled by visionary individuals who have channeled their passion for design into an immersive experience. Mariana Wehbe of Mariana Wehbe Public Relations has skillfully curated an event transcending traditional design exhibitions, driven by her commitment to fostering artistry and culture, capturing Beirut’s artistic essence. Alongside Mariana, the dynamic team and partnerships of Samer Alameen and Bananamonkey injects fresh energy and creative insights, collectively reshaping design boundaries for We Design Beirut.

Villa Mokbel (Dia Mrad)

The event strategically selects iconic and historic locations across Beirut to serve as design hubs. Places like PSLab, Villa Mokbel, and The Royal Cinema will act as the events headquarters, each location would host a diverse range of events, panel talks, workshops, and exhibitions. These locations are set to come alive with the buzz of creativity and exploration, transforming into immersive experiences that engages attendees in the world of design.

One of the highlights of “We Design Beirut” is the opportunity to step into the private world of participating designers. Individual showrooms will be opened to the public, inviting visitors to explore exhibitions, attend openings, and indulge in cocktails. The event map will guide attendees through this vibrant journey, allowing them to discover the hidden gems of Beirut’s design scene.
The event goes beyond the boundaries of Beirut, highlighting architectural marvels such as the Oscar Niemeyer International Fair in Tripoli and historical homes that embody the theme of preservation. These tours offer participants a unique opportunity to explore Lebanon’s rich architectural heritage and witness the intersection of past and present.

We Design Beirut is not just about aesthetics; it’s about nurturing a deeper understanding of design’s impact. Engaging talks and workshops led by specialists in arts, culture, and sustainability such as Ziad Abichaker, Shaha Raphael, Nada Debs, Michel Maria these specialists will shed light on the conservation of artisanal work, the art of restoration, and recycling efforts. These sessions promise to enrich attendees’ knowledge and inspire meaningful action.

PSLab – Sameer Alameen

LIFE, an organization dedicated to empowering the Lebanese community, embraces the principle of “Stronger Together.” With a global membership of 1,200, they focus on their education program to uplift youth education and employability. “Creative Liaisons,” a showcase uniting Lebanese Designers and Artisans, is being presented as part of We Design Beirut 2023, with 63 unique pieces curated by Almaz Collectible Design and The Ready Hand. These pieces reflect Lebanon’s design excellence and craftsmanship and will be auctioned during the Global Gala dinner to support the Education program. LIFE appreciates the dedication of artisans, designers, contributors, and supporters, acknowledging their vital role in bringing this endeavor to fruition and expressing gratitude for their commitment to a brighter future for Lebanon.

The event aims to put Beirut on the global design map by inviting both international and regional press to experience its vibrancy firsthand. We Design Beirut aspires to be recognized as a premier platform that enriches the design scene, not only locally but also globally, and these press interactions will play a pivotal role in achieving that goal.

We Design Beirut is not just an event; it’s a celebration of creativity, innovation, and cultural heritage. With its diverse array of design disciplines, strategic locations, collaborations, preservation efforts, engaging talks, and global outreach, the event promises to be a transformative experience for all attendees. As the city of Beirut breathes new life into its past, We Design Beirut stands as a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity.

LIFE – Photography Tarek Moukadem

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Cover: The Furry Chair by Guillaume Credoz in collaboration with Post Industrial Crafts & Bits to Atoms 

Note:The Hub of Sustainability will now be located at the Abroyan Factory.