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uSfuur isn’t only a beautiful emerging jewelry brand, it also has a purpose, and quite a significant one. Partner of a charity organisation supporting Syrian refugee children, Watanili, uSfuur enables these kids to take part in art therapy and educational programs. We’ve interviewed Yara Tlass, the brand’s founder, to find out more about them and their little signature bird.



How did uSfuur start ? 

uSfuur started from the idea to create a socially conscious product combining aesthetics, the arts and humanities.
I found jewelry design to be a beautiful medium through which one can express and manifest their identity. It is a jewelry brand for a cause whereby with every purchase, we donate a share to help support a refugee child in need as the project is directly involved with a grassroots charity organization (@myhomeland/Watanili) supporting displaced Syrian children through art and education programs.
Are the Syrian refugees uSfuur is helping working on the jewelry creation process? Do you see effective results from the pieces’ sales on these refugees’ lives?
That is definitely one of our ultimate ambitions to incorporate displaced communities into the jewelry making process. At the moment, we are focusing on giving back to the local communities in need by donating to the charity that we are working with. We see effective results as uSfuur acts as a main sponsor for the charity and their education programs. By contributing from the pieces’ sales, uSfuur directly empowers their programs, focusing on improving the well-being of the children through art-therapy, educational workshops, creative and recreational activities.
Why was this cause more important to you more than another?
I feel a deep connection to my homeland Syria and I think it’s important to shed light on its refugee’s cause. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, over 3 million were forced to flee their homes and nobody knows when this tragedy will end. At uSfuur, we are only trying to light a candle amidst some of the darkness engulfing our region by spreading a message of hope and peace, one piece at a time.
Would you say that your customers buy with the intention of engaging with the social aspect of the company or first and foremost because they love the pieces?
Both. I would say they are first attracted by the social aspect and the cause behind it but they also love the designs and find the bird connotation very symbolic.
What are uSfuur ambitions, plans and future projects?
We have short term and long term plans. The short-term plan is to  expand our collection by adding different stones and colorful gems along with the bird icon (uSfuur) as well as tap into different markets mainly Beirut and Amman. We are also working on a few exciting collaborations with some amazing people in the art and fashion scene. The long- term plan would be for uSfuur to become an international brand whereby people from all walks of life can wear and relate to the brand.
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