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The Summer Playlist

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Summer. The one season that brings us feelings like no other. Because of the sun, the heat, the beach…Whatever it is, it seems like this time of the year is all about freedom, empowerment…and music.

JDEED asked some of its favorite artists, journalists, designers.. to give us their ultimate Summer song.



Tania GeorgeDesigner, Jordan

William Onyeabor – Atomic Bomn & Fantastic Man

Bachar SrourPhotographer, Beirut

Folk Uke – Shit makes the flowers grow

Philippe AzouryJournalist, Paris

Henry Salvador – Syracuse

Mira HayekDesigner, Beirut

Erykah Badu – On & On

Tinush – The world keeps turnin’

Nicolas BuissonPhotographer, London

Busy P – Genie feat. Mayer Hawthorne

Juliette Armanet – L’indien

Carl GergesDrummer of Mashrou’Leila, Beirut

The Blaze – Territory

Joe AridaLa Terre Est Folle Designer and Stylist, Beirut

Canopee – Polo & Pan

JDEED’s Selection 

SNBRN & BLU J – You Got Me (feat. Cara Frew)

Mashrou’ Leila – Roman

Majid Jordan – Phases

Majid Jordan – One I want (feat. Party Next Door)

Palace – Have Faith

Franck Ocean – Pink & White

Lucas Nord – Off my mind

Tieks Sunshine feat. Dan Harkna (Official Video)



Cover pic background / Khalid Mezaina

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