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This week-end in Abu Dhabi | UAE-based fine jewelry brand Ruwaya hosts collaborative pop-up

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Ruwaya, the UAE-based fine jewelry brand, just announced its Ruwaya’s Sarab Pop Up, an ode to Emirati heritage and the spirit of collaboration. This one-of-a-kind event will bring together a beautifully curated selection of local brands, each of them contributing to making the Emirati culture shine bright.

Ruwaya, a brand that made a name for itself for its edgy and bold designs inspired by stones and their raw nature, has carefully curated a unique creative experience to come to life in Abu Dhabi this week-end. Intertwining craftsmanship, storytelling and artistry, this collaborative pop-up promises a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Sarab collection, which echoes “the tales of the resilient women of the desert“, is taking the front seat, featuring the beauty of the desert’s grains and lines.

So what is to expect?

Among the carefully selected collaborations, Ruwaya has partnered with From The Arabs Candles, in a unique merging of scents and jewelry design. This harmonious union of traditions presents a sensory and visual experience deeply rooted in Emirati heritage.

Other collaborations seeing the day include two distinguished Emirati brands: MBM and AAM. 
While MBM reimagines traditional makaaweer infused with modern elements and inspired by local traditions made contemporary, AAM crafts hand-custom art textiles, which aim to promote self-expression and empowerment.
Joining forces, the three brands explore the power of collaboration, and give birth to bold statements pieces at the intersection of fashion and design.

Last but not least, one of our favourite Emirati brand we discovered just last year, Vonto, that proposes high-end leather goods, will also be at the Sarab Pop-Up. The brainchild of Emirati brothers Nasser and Mansoor AlQubaisi has quickly become of one the brands to watch from the region and we’re excited to see their creations for this occasion.

The Ruwaya Signature Event truly focuses on the roots of Emirati culture, one that is known around the world to be a savvy mix of ancestral tradition and a forward-thinking state of mind.

This event confirm the brand’s commitment to the celebrating of local heritage and excellence via ways of craftsmanship and creative storytelling.

To visit this event you won’t want to miss, head down to Otaku in Abu Dhabi from November 25th to 17th, 11 am to 10pm. Discover more about Ruwaya, on their Instagram here and make sure you follow @jdeed_magazine and turn on notifications  for the pop-up coverage this week-end.