The first ever Armenian Art Fair

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“Emerging and established artists represented by galleries have been selected to present their contemporary paintings, sculpture, video art, installations, and photography at the first Armenian Art Fair taking place in Yerevan from May 12th. The appeal of opening an art market on this scale is heightened by Armenia’s natural, creative dynamism and openness to visitors, in part thanks to its global diaspora. The four day fair will have 19 exhibitors and more than 20 artists in the curated “Open Space” in the Yerevan Expo Center, which has 2 floors with over 4,500 square meters of space for exhibitions and lectures.

The Armenia Art Fair is backed by the non-profit Aragil Art Foundation, which is supported by philanthropists Mr. and Mrs. Festekjian. Highlights “Open Space” will be dedicated to artist and curator collaborations, independent art initiatives, and organizations, showing exclusively contemporary art with a focus on video art, performance art, prints, and installations. Will be featured international and local dealers in the section: “Gallery and Representation.” “Millennial” will give fairgoers a hands on look at the millennial art emerging from Belorussia.


Farah Azrak “Untitled”


Featured in partnership with ART RESIDENCE ALEY, three Syrian Refugee Artists will be bringing contemporary paintings to the exhibition through special sponsorship which covers the cost of their participation. The Armenia Art Fair dips into the Russian contemporary art scene, with the “Discover” section, presented by 7th Contemporary Art Fair (St. Petersburg), which is an independent, nomadic”

Lizzy Vartanian-Collier, who curated Perpetual Movement , first exhibited in London during Arab Women Artists Now (AWAN) Festival 2018, took the exhibition to Yerevan, which to remind you consists of the photographs of six female artists with roots in the Arab region. The work considers the relationship between migration and memory in connection to the Arab world and its diaspora. You can (re)read about it right here on JDEED.


LĒD Collective, “Acquired Reflex”


Araz Farra, “Armenian Diaspora”



Arthur Sarkissian, “7 Image Stripes”


Cover picture/Siarhei Hudzilin, “Silver Man”

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