T.A.G.G By Gokay Gundogdu

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Gokay Gundogdu, the Creative Director of T.A.G.G studied in New York and Milan where he respectively studied Brand Management at NY State University and at the Domus Academy.

He launched his own label in 2014, with the idea in mind to propose a high-end ready-to-wear that would bring wearability and luxe together.

T.A.G.G praises “fine-quality materials, high-quality craftsmanship, contemporary functionality and timeless design”. Tailored but yet feminine, the brand’s pieces are the reflection of nowadays’ active women. Gokay is all about contrasts and sensed contradicitons: strong but fragile, traditional but modern, fluide but masculine.

An 80’s feel exudes from the SS 17 collection, buckles and midi cut in pole position.

T.A.G.G is now based and produced in Istanbul.




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