SIKKA Art Fair 2018 | engraving Dubai as a global, creative and sustainable city for arts and culture

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The 8th edition of SIKKA Art Fair, one of the Dubai Art Season main actor, launched this March 17th and is running until the 26th in one of the oldest heritage sight of Dubai, the Al Fahidi Historical Zone.


Nadine Noureldin, Picture by JDEED


Showcasing GCC, Emirati and UAE-based artists, SIKKA Art Fair invites visitors to become part of the region’s cultural mosaic. The fair’s highlights this years include the House Of Islamic Arts and the Saudi House by Culture-Focused Tamashee, that includes a collaborative initiative for emerging artists and an exhibition of the work of more than 20 Saudi artists. Over 50 free workshops are also proposed to the public, covering a wide range of artistic fields from photography to embroidery.

Once again this year, the fair is a mix of past and present, of strong cultural heritage that meets the modernity of the present artworks, taking the visitor on a journey throughout the eras.


Mukesh Shah, picture by JDEED


As we walked in, we made a first quick stop at the Dukkan Careem, the locally-based label of the namesake’s driving company which sources, prints and stitches the clothes in one of the city where Careem is operating, supporting local intiatiatives. A red-embroidered Yalla t-shirt bought later, we stumbled upon Alia Bint Sultan’s artwork representing a veiled woman whose uncovered eyes are the reflection of her soul and emotions. The artists explains: “The story lies in the eyes. It all comes down to one’s own perspective on how to view people. Is it to see their look or search for their soul? That’s why I have captured a picture of a woman whose covering her face to focus on her eyes which showed different feeling. I’ve used the mirror referring to the quote “the eyes are the mirror of the soul” plus Neon light messages to be reflected in the picture. For example, #we are united #female power.


Alia Al Joker, picture


Mukesh Shah , picture by JDEED


Particularly caught 0ur attention: Yemeni Artist Mukesh Shah neon’s installations “Let them eat art” and ”I too smell roses”, Egyptian artist Nadin Noureldin’s phone booth Call the World and Tunisian artist Amel Touihri Disney-inspired glittery piece.


Amel Touihri


For more information about SIKKA, please visit their website.

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