Real Life Feeds | Why the Loewe’s look algorithm seduces once more

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All the reasons why we love Loewe by JW Anderson were once more reunited on the podium this January 20th. A literal explosion of colors came shake up the immaculate walls of the 18 Boulevard Henri IV, in Paris’ 4th district, as the show venue attired itself in some extraordinary art by American artist Richard Hawkins. The collection opened quietly with a deep green jacket, not without an Anderson touch of bare legs.

By Cynthia Jreige

This season, the brand’s codes of recent years were all there; Sometimes preppy in a pistachio shirt and straight-leg pants, sometimes cheeky wearing striped tights in lieu of trousers, l’homme Loewe carries his life in his XXL tote with a certain nonchalance. When belt buckles aren’t left open, they hold ballon-leg pants together.
Some leather, shearling jackets and cable knits say winter, a tad more than coats worn as a unique single layer. But would it really be Loewe by JW Anderson without a few bare chests?

The collaboration between Loewe and Hawkins was transported onto the runway, taking the form of print or a jacquard on knit. Depicting a “masculine algorithm” characterized by the voyeurism that our generation purposefully or forcefully adhere to, Hawkins’ collages evoke “TMZ, Us Weekly and People Magazine, social media feeds, paparazzi shots and celebrity culture.

While the coats remain a central piece in the collection, leading the rest with their imposing self-sufficient oversized statures, the work on the leather appears like an ode to Loewe’s ancestral history. The Loewe man exists between one that lets nobody tell him what to do and the almost teenager that hangs on to his Vans-like sneakers and jumpers, blinding himself to the reality of the world we live in. In a way or another, he’s always kinda too cool for school.


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