Rania Fawaz tells us all about her label MORPHO

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Dubai-based influencer and designer Rania Fawaz is the kinda gal we want to be friends with: impeccable style, successful hair transformations, always giving out tips on where to get the best facial, eat the best food or discount codes on e-shops we adore, she’s thé virtual bestie we didn’t know we needed.
Not the kind to sit around and wait for things to happen, Fawaz pursued her passion and launched label MORPHO, proposing the epitome of an elevated 2yK dressing from ruffles to fluid fabrics and prints. After releasing Drop 2, the brand is taking things to another level. We spoke with Fawaz to hear more about this new adventure, the challenges of launching a brand and who she’d dream to dress.

By Cynthia Jreige

Hey Rania! Many people know you but could you briefly tell us a bit about your background and 3 fun things that no one knows about you!

I was born & lived first four years of my life in Romania 🇷🇴  I work better in chaos and I’m forever a girls girl.

You were just seen in Seoul and NYC – how were the trips and could you give us some of your favourite addresses for shopping/art/food you’ve been to around the world?

I visited Seoul for the first Frieze Art Fair & it’s safe to say it was one of my favorite trips till this day; the city is beautiful & the culture is amazing. I would recommend to go to Maple Tree House for some yummy Korean BBQ & the Gwangjang market for some traditional foods. In New York, shopping happens everywhere! I personally really enjoyed shopping at the Webster, they have a real cool selection & amazing collabs. Dining in New York is filled with surprises. My personal favorite is KATZ deli if you are a meat lover. 

Let’s talk about your baby, your brand MORPHO. Drop 2 just came out and is super exciting! Tell us a bit more about this drop and what inspired the pieces?

MORPHO is indeed my baby, I love it as much as I would love my own child. Drop 2 is a really different concept from the first drop, I really enjoy rewearing pieces differently & that was the main concept of the drop. We wanted to be  more experimental with the styling with the 2 different color sets compose from a string top & a ruffle skirt. The top for example could be worn in 3 different ways. I wanted to create something so simple yet so multifaceted . Less is more.

« It gets tough so stay consistent , don’t give up! It’s pretty cheesy to hear but it’s the truth. »

What’s your favourite part of the creative process?

My favorite part of the entire brand is creating the pieces from scratch. I love the entire process and I really appreciate the fact that some things don’t turn out the way you want them to be. I have a back story about the string top I designed; initially the top was designed to be a basic jersey top worn in different ways. However, the idea of the strings around the neck popped up towards the finalizing stage. It’s always like that: the creative process always surprises me.

Now that you have your own brand, what advice can you give to young designers who dream to have theirs?

It gets tough so stay consistent , don’t give up! It’s pretty cheesy to hear but it’s the truth.

What are the plans with MORPHO? Do you want to expand internationally, present at Fashion Weeks…?

Expanding internationally is definitely something in the books for us! We want to do everything the MORPHO way.

If you could choose a dream team from photographers to celebrity/model for your next campaign, who would it be and why?

My dream photographer would definitely be Hugo Comte & I would love to see Dua Lipa as the face of MORPHO as she is the ultimate MORPHO girl <3

How would you define the fashion scene in Dubai and the region and what do you think is special about it?

I think the fashion scene in Dubai is evolving every year which is pretty great cause I get to see it growing. The fashion shows going on and the the collaborations I get to work on with other brands here make me feel proud and joyful. 

Finish this sentence: In 2 years, I’d like MORPHO to….

… Be renowned as the unique sustainable brand we’re building it to be. I’d want MORPHO to be a house for a variety of aesthetic styles. But most importantly, I want our customers to always be very pleased & spoiled with our products. 

Discover more about MORPHO and shop it right here or on their Instagram!